Lawyer Leaves Job and Sails the World

Southport Connecticut resident Peter Antonucci is a retired attorney who left the courts and hit the road. The road led to a dock where he boarded a luxury yacht and opted out for months at sea. “You can’t get on a plane at Miami or JFK airport and say ‘take me there,’ and have the same travel experience,” he says. “It’s like you took the best luxury hotel [stay] you’ve ever had and the best restaurants you’ve been to and doubled the experience."

According to his Amazon bio, "Peter has visited over 100 countries, traveled to Antarctica three consecutive years, and holds a Guinness Book of World Records certificate for having been a part-owner and passenger of a boat that traveled to 78°43'-99.7" S, 163° 41' 42.1" W in 2017, the southernmost point ever reached by a vessel, surpassing the previous records set by Amundsen, Shackleton, Ross, Scott and Hillary, his heroes of Antarctic exploration."

The adventurous Antonucci even went a step further and penned a novel titled "Billionaire's Paradise."

"The book chronicles the adventures of Eva Lampedusa, a high-powered and highly successful attorney who has an idea. When a Saudi prince is saddled with a mega yacht he doesn’t want, Eva wonders if she could bring together a community of uber-wealthy jet setters and captains of industry aboard the superyacht and sail around the world enjoying elite experiences most can only imagine in their wildest dreams."

Peter will be a guest on Westchester Eye on the Radio on 4/15/2019 from 3-4pm. Tune in to WVOX 1460AM or listen online at wvox.com. 




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