Congratulations Special Needs Students

Milestones With Love is a local Yonkers organization that encourages children and families with special needs to flourish. 

It's founder,  Nnenna Akoma-Ononaji, has  penned a congratulatory letter to area special needs students impacted by the coronavirus epidemic.



Dear Graduates:

When you were given your diagnosis of developmental challenges, you were  probably worried about what the future would hold for you. Yet, you hung in there and triumphed.
You did what was necessary to pursue your goal. Whether you were pulled out for services, had medical appointments, or had instruction at home, you met the challenge.  
You taught us what resilience and survival is when it comes to navigating the special education system. You mastered ABA, sensory integration, special education classes, IEP meetings, FBS programs,  OT, PT, and other related services. Your future is bright.
Whatever your future holds as you move on to College or other higher education,  be open to  venturing on a path that will help you grow and live independently. Face your challenges with love, guidance and support.  You will overcome.  Master independence so you may give back and motivate those following in your steps. 
You are super amazing graduates! You navigated this journey and gained strength, and  confidence. You defeated feelings of hopelessness, anger and frustration. You unfolded talents, and abilities that you doubted  you had. You made it with self belief and realized you had it in you.   
So we as a community celebrate your success. You deserve accolades and a standing ovation. Special warriors, congratulations. 
Best regards,  
Nnenna Akoma-Ononaji 
Milestone with love 


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