Several Yonkers Businesses Hit the Skids

The Covid Pandemic is a brutal force that has decimated communities and destroyed businesses. Downtown Yonkers restaurants are emerging from their losses with new outdoor dining and the hope that the recent trend will restore the flow of business. 

However, the impact on retail business has been severe. For Rent signs dot the real estate  through out the business hub.  One block has been hit especially hard. 

The narrow retail corridor of N. Broadway between Main and Warburton is shuttered. Seven stores are closed, approximately 40% of the entire block. The hustle and bustle of shoppers frequenting those stores has been replaced with blaring rap music pumped from a convention of cars parked and stationed to hang out each day.  

Enterprising street vendors sell merchandise from their vehicles 9am to 6pm.. One man is doing a brisk business in Black Lives Matter tee shirts. He is happy to be working. 

Without intervention via loans or rent relief, this will continue. And the ripple effect on taxes, employment, and services will take a big hit. Local pols are yet to step in to slow the decline. And if they do not, business will not go on as usual.

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