Dollar Tree Makes Money From Poor Residents

Dollar Tree's stock continues to rise at the expense of poor service in the low income section of South Yonkers. 


Even at peak shopping hours, a staff of only three cashiers is active. That is not sufficient to serve an extensive line of shoppers that wraps around one aisle and extends past two others.

The average wait in line to purchase an item is twenty minutes. As the holidays approach, and more people flock to the store for bargains, the wait time will increase. The corellation between stock price and wait time is amusing. 

When lines were shorter, Dollar Tree sold at $94.55 per share. As the lines grew longer, stock shot up to $111.35 as of November 24, 2020. Cost cutting played a role in the stock's succes. But that cost cutting comes with a price. 

A previous article detailed how long store lines contribute to Covid. https://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2604-long-lines-in-yonkers-stores-make-covid-worse

Calls to Dollar Tree management promised a fifteen person staggered limit in the store. That never happened. 

As south Yonkers teeters on becoming  a red zone again, Dollar Tree execs can thank the south Yonkers residents for their Christmas bonus. 




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