Yonkers Police Crack Down on Local Restaurants

As the strident voices to defund police resonate in the background, Yonkers police continue the crackdown on covid restriction violations. 

Margarita’s Restaurant & Lounge at 332-334 South Broadway in Yonkers: On Sunday, Oct. 25,  Yonkers Police Department officers discovered  over 100 patrons crowded inside after midnight, which was a curfew violation.  This was twice the maximum occupancy rate allowed under COVID-related regulations. Patrons were not wearing masks, and dancing, and smoking hookah, according to  the State Liquor Authority

There was also  a DJ blasting music, audible a block away. The following evening, SLA investigators conducted a follow-up inspection, and again found similar circumstances.


Sahara Café at 473 South Broadway in Yonkers: On Sunday, Oct. 25, State Liquor Authority investigators and officials with the Yonkers Fire Department conducted an investigation at the establishment.  There were  124 patrons packed shoulder-to-shoulder inside the restaurant. The occupancy allowed prior to the pandemic is 48. Under covid regulations, they are allowed only 24 people. Hookah smoking was observed which is a violation of the NYS Indoor Smoking Act. 

In addition, Sahara Cafe was cited for illegally expanding into their backyard. Yonkers Fire Department issued a stop work order. 


Uptown Bar & Grill at 623 South Broadway in Yonkers: On Saturday, Oct. 17, YPD conducted a check of the premises, and found 168 patrons crowded inside the establishment. The maximum legal capacity was 88 before the pandemic. This means that 44 patrons are now permissible under COVID-related regulations.

As per the other restaurants in violation, people were not wearing masks, there was no social distancing and hookah smoking was prevalent throughout the premises.  

Uptown Bar and Grill  is a repeat offender, with pending charges for multiple violations issued by the SLA a month earlier. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APU4kioik7A  (Margarita's Restaurant posted August 2020)

https://youtu.be/T4AvZ-fToBU  (Sahara Bar and Grill posted August 2020)



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