Yonkers Jail Owner Daniel Wolf Passes Away

Famous art dealer, Daniel Wolf, has passed away at his home in Colorado. Wolf was married to the equally famous architect, Maya Lin. 

The Tribeca power couple is well known world wide for their prominent positions in photography and design. 

Wolf purchased a former Yonkers jail in 2013, and rehabbed it to house his art collection and utilize as a public event space for the local community. Shortly afterwards, he decided not to fulfill that promise and kept the facility private for his expansive collection. When asked in an interview with Eye of Photography Magazine about the jail, Wolf was quoted:


"Will the former jail be open to the public?

Not to the general public, only to professionals, museum directors, curators, collectors etc. I want the public to see that material, but that is another business altogether and I leave that to the museums, where I hope my collections will eventually reside.

Why don’t you want to open it to the general public, like a museum?
I’m not interested in spending my time teaching. I’m interested in spending my time collecting. I’m addicted."

Additional info can be found at this link: https://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/life/2291-yonkers-jail-project-reneges-on-promises



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