Dobbs Ferry School Board Diversity Issue

The Children’s Village https://childrensvillage.org/  operates the Education and Employment Center called OPTIONS (opportunities, power, training, innovations, optimism, nurturing, success) located at 30 Broadway in Yonkers, NY. This center helps out-of-school youth complete their high school education and develop  work readiness skills.

 Westhab, a community service agency located in Yonkers also works with Children's Village. A housing facility for teens and young adults has been in operation for several years. 

 Some staff that work at the main campus in Dobbs Ferry live within the facility. The Children’s Village operates the D’Assern Housing complex in Dobbs Ferry. It has 112 apartments located close by The Children’s Village residential campus.  Children living in the apartments attend the Dobbs Ferry public schools. Yet the parents of those children are not permitted to hold office on the Dobbs Ferry School board. Some argue that this contributes to the lack of minority members on the the Dobbs Ferry School board  https://www.dfsd.org/domain/55

 The school board claims the the problem is with the State Legislature and not the board. They state that the Children's Village property is in the confines of the Greenburgh 11 School District, not Dobbs Ferry. The Greenburgh 11 district is a Special Act District which serves residential special education students only. The Greenburgh district pays tuition to the Dobbs Ferry School  District for the children of the Children's Village staff workers that live on Children's Village property to attend the Dobbs Ferry schools. As a result, the parents/staff that are renters in the Children's Village apartments are not considered residents of the Dobbs Ferry school district.  They live in Dobbs Ferry but not within the school district boundaries. 

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