Email Pleas From Afghanistan

In a continuation of the previous post about letters from Afghanistan, SW Yonkers Hamlet Hub is committed to be the voice of those who speak in hiding. 

The following are the latest emails from Afghans who cannot escape the Taliban. They are people who have worked for the US Government and are now, begging for help. They cannot get out. The tragedy is a portrait of despair and possible death in real time.  Names have been redacted to protect their identities.


Hello thank a lot for asking about us.
Actually these days are the most worst days of our lives. Not clam mentally not safe physically. Have no petite to eat and no energy to do something.
We all are overthinking about what is gonna happen to us if those who have kidnapped me find me again.
Beside that, Before Taliban use to kill us now ISIS-K emerged.
I don't have money to bring my family out of the country and all borders are closed too.
I have contacted my supervisor again but I think he is not willing to help me. He sent a recommendation letter of someone else and as I messaged him again he never replied.
Now everything is end I think the airport is closed no one is allowed American troops are evacuating themselves