A Plumber Gets Flooded

Boris, the owner of 24/7 Sewer Cleaning, was content to know that soon, he could leave his tools behind and fly off to a well deserved vacation abroad.  So he and his wife packed their bags.  Shortly afterwards, they awoke along with their toddler far away from the hustle and bustle of the New York metropolitan area. 

After a few weeks, it was time to return home and get back to work. . But what they saw when they returned home was a nightmare. Storm Ida had whipped through their town and destroyed their house. 

Seven feet of water filled the basement. Their car was destroyed and the house was no longer fit for occupancy. Boris the plumber became his own customer. 

Yet, Boris is back in business 24/7. He understands your needs more than ever now and is ready to help with your plumbing. 

24/7 Sewer Cleaning can be reached at 516-534-9075.  They service NYC and Westchester County. 




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