Yonkers Auto Zone Illegal Side Business

Hundreds of gallons of gasoline  overflowed onto the intersection of  Elm and Palisades Street in Yonkers. The incident happened on Sunday, November 7, 2021. The accident occurred across the street from Yonkers Fire Station #1. They responded immediately and prevented the gasoline from flowing into sewer drains and waterways. 
A gasoline delivery truck was making a delivery, but the tanks underground were full and the tanker was not shut off.  That  caused the overflow. Authorities estimate over 300 gallons were spilled.
A few blocks away, more toxic chemicals were being spilled by illegal car repair vans parked in the Auto Zone parking lot located at 286 South Broadway, Yonkers, NY.
While the store was open, mobile repair vans were available for business in the Auto Zone parking lot. Despite store signs indicating that repairs were not allowed, the street mechanics operate with impunity. The mobile car repair enterprise changes oil, replaces engine fluids, and repairs auto parts. As a result, they litter the parking lots with debris and toxic waste that eventually ends up in sewer drains in front of the Auto Zone store. This impacts the water supply and the drainage when there is heavy rain. It also adds to the burden and the cost of the clean up.
Auto Zone has been the destiny for illegal car repair service on many occasions. 
Despite the lapse in practice, the repairmen continue to reappear under the watchful eyes of Auto Zone employees. 
The concern is not only for the environment but for the public. There is no guarantee that the mechanic is qualified to repair vehicles. The consequences of a bad brake job, or belt replacement are catastrophic.  In addition, a mobile mechanic can quickly vanish if he is found liable for a bad repair job. 
Consider Auto Zone a de facto business partner in the operation of illegal car repair. They benefit from the purchase of parts and seemingly allow the continuation of the enterprise. But will they share the responsibility for the toxic cleanup and any liability if a repair job goes wrong?
Only time will tell.