Are Westhab Offender Programs Enough?

Westhab has been in business for more than forty years. Plenty of time to "get it right." Their score card is littered with failure and success. https://www.westhab.org/tag/success-story/

No business remains consistently productive on a steady basis. Social service organizations are particularly subject to fluctuations based on clientele and funding. The key to stability is a structure in place that absorbs the flow of unpredictability.

In September, 2022, a resident of the Westhab Cooper Ave Rapid Rehousing Center located in Queens, harassed students of PS/IS 87 over the course of several days. Westhab would not cooperate with the investigation or provide the name of the resident so that his sex offender status could be determined. The 104 Pct did special patrols around the school for several days, and he was not spotted there again.

Although neither the state nor the shelter operator itself are required to disclose the offender status of it's residents, it leaves neighborhoods vulnerable to presumption. Who are the shelter residents? Are local police precincts made aware of criminal records? What is the success rate of transitioning men into their own housing and what is the recidivist rate back into homelessness? These are the concerns of North Riverdale residents that object to the proposal of a Westhab men's shelter on the border of Yonkers. https://brooklyn.news12.com/battle-continues-over-proposed-riverdale-homeless-shelter

Although the progress is unknown for the following individuals, they are/were residents of the Westhab Shelter located at 781 E.135th Street, Bronx NY in the Port Morris section.

Research indicates that the recidivist rate among sex offenders is low if proper treatment is received. https://www.apa.org/monitor/julaug03/newhope

However, this does not allay the fears of community residents who are given little information about the programs Westhab offers.
The crimes are alarming but many were committed several years ago without the perpetrator repeating the behavior. The men served their time and are now released into society.

Many would argue that isolating sex offenders does little to help the problem.  https://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/08/opinion/the-pointless-banishment-of-sex-offenders.html
Still, some would ask, "What is a fair and just solution for offenders who have paid their dues?"

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