Curtis Sliwa to Rally in Riverdale Bronx Against Migrant Shelter

Riverdale Bronx community residents will hold a rally on Sunday, September 24th, 2023. The rally will be held in reaction to the potential conversion of a former Manhattan College Dormitory into a facility to house migrants. The cite is located at 3810 Waldo Avenue, Bronx, NY. The cross streets are W.238th and Waldo. Political activist and radio talk show host, Curtis Sliwa will be the guest speaker.  It is scheduled for 2pm.

The proposed site would be the second migrant shelter in Riverdale. The first is located at the Van Cortlandt Motel, which is across the street from Van Cortland Park. Photos of the facility show mopeds parked on the sidewalk in front of the motel. According to NYC law, it is illegal to park motorcycles and mopeds on NYC sidewalks. 

"Motorcycle, Motor Scooter, and Moped Parking

When you park a motorcycle, motor scooter, or moped, you must follow the same rules that apply to other vehicles. It is illegal to park motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds on the sidewalk." https://portal.311.nyc.gov/article/?kanumber=KA-01026#:~:text=It%20is%20illegal%20to%20park%20motorcycles%2C%20motor%20scooters%2C%20and%20mopeds,6%20feet%20from%20the%20curb.

In addition, there is drug use in the immediate vicinity of the Van Cortlandt Motel. 

The new location in dispute was recently purchased by the Stagg Group.  The developer maintains a contentious relationship with the Riverdale/Kingsbridge community.  https://news.hamlethub.com/swyonkers/politics/2760-homeless-shelter-planned-for-riverdale-neighborhood


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