SOYO Craft Bar For Sale

With slightly more than a year into it's renovation resurrection, SOYO Craft Bar is for sale. Once touted as the toughest bar in Yonkers, the popular TV show, Bar Rescue, transformed it into a dip and sip for the trendy crowd. http://www.barrescueupdates.com/2014/10/bar-rescue-so-yo-craft-bar-undisputed.html.  

But despite the name change from Undisputed to SOYO and a dress code that was soon redacted, the good old days of brawls and shootings returned to plague the Y.O.'s favorite beer joint.  The Yuppies came and went but the upscale food and drink remained.

Bartenders work hard to entertain with explosive drinks punctuated by the rhythms of salsa and hip hop music. The lively yellow and black exterior blasts through the row of conservatively painted stores on downtown Main Street with equally vibrant interior deco.

As the transformation of Yonkers continues to accelerate, "the more things change, the more they remain the same."http://soyobar.com/



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