New Venue Offers Paradise in Westchester

The New Dawn Foundation located at 570 Davenport in New Rochelle is a little known venue located on Long Island Sound. It is available for weddings, art shows, conferences and spiritual retreats. www.thenewdawnfoundation.org or call 914-632-8084



The New Dawn Foundation, Inc was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 1999 by a small circle of dedicated people who take well-being to heart.  Aiming to promote and enhance health and wellness, we support individuals and communities working for positive social change.  See more about our History. 

In 2001, the foundation began hosting pro-bono retreats and conferences at its current location of "The Oaks" in New Rochelle, NY to benefit numerous groups involved with healthcare, education, and youth development. 

Today, New Dawn continues to provide crucial information about holistic health and empowerment through workshops, group discussions, written materials and programs that follow the principles of “project-based learning.”


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