Yonkers ENT Allergy Clinic

The spring of 2015 has proven to be one of the most aggressive allergy seasons, according to the experts. "The pollen tsunami is real, and individuals now who have seasonal allergies know who they are, they're in allergy misery," Dr. Clifford Bassett, allergist.

The sneezing, coughing, and itching has sent many sufferers to doctors in the local area. The ENT Allergy Associates is one of the facilities that treat patients with allergy complaints. Part of a chain, across New York area, ENT Yonkers is located at 984 North Broadway.

The staff consists of eight physicians and audiologists. Hours start at 8:30 am and close in the evening. A call in the morning can snag an appointment on the same day. But that is where the convenience ends. Upon arrival, the patient encounters a bustling noisy waiting room filled with  clients. Many have sat for an hour or more beyond their scheduled appointment, waiting to see a doctor.

New patients are asked to fill out the standard forms but with a twist. All information must be entered on an electronic device similar to a mini laptop. The process can take up to one half hour. The number of questions exceeds one hundred. Although the friendly staff is nearby to offer assistance, the task is a tedious one. 

Eventually, through patient attrition, the client is rewarded with their coveted appointment although in excess of an hour past due. But for anyone who walks the "Claritin" trail, the wait is a small price to pay.

Once inside the coveted space of an allergy expert, the hope for a cure starts to surge. But that hope is dashed by the friendly retort that   a course of allergy shots for mature adults is a waste of time since, they "don't have that much time."

Alternatives are prescribed and the cursory examinations are done. All in a days work for the assembly line of patients that come and go.  Allergy testing is prescribed, hands are shaken, and the patient is ushered to the check out counter. Payment is for two hours of your waiting time and the advice of a medical school graduate.

Sneezes come and go. Most antihistamines take thirty minutes to activate. Perhaps that is a better alternative to the waiting room at Yonkers ENT.




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