Yonkers Post Office Fails with Mail

Yonkers, not only the largest city in Westchester county, but also voted the hippest, is buzzing with sound. Jazz filters through the air on Friday night and jackhammers bang out construction for new businesses during the week. As new businesses open up, the demand for postal service increases. The US Post office. located at 72 Main Street in downtown Yonkers is "mailing it in."

72 Main street is a stunning architectural structure, designed in the Classical and Emerging Art Deco style. It was built in 1927 and according to customers, the service was better then. The approximate wait time to mail a letter is thirty minutes. Shuttered bay windows with only one clerk left to service a waiting line of twenty or more is the norm. A worker remarked that the job is stressful due to being understaffed. Also, when people call in sick, they are not replaced for the day.

The inefficiency has an impact on businesses in the area. Time equals money and time spent away from managing a business is detrimental. It also discourages potential entrepreneurs from taking a chance with a Yonkers that is struggling to "destigmatize" itself.

The lack of Spanish speaking clerks adds to the delay and the absence of self service machines. A simple improvement such as an automatic stamp machine and a weigh scale would expedite traffic in the huge facility. Although the city benefits indirectly from customers feeding the parking meters at the post office, it loses potential revenue from businesses that shake their heads and locate elsewhere.  Thirty minutes in line at the Yonkers post office is thirty minutes too long.  Here are some comments and photos from customers in a Yelp review.


A DISSERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY.  This is the main post office for the Yonkers community and the lines are unbelievably long and the service slow.  I went into the post office today at 4:40 pm. There were at least 30 people in front of me and only ONE YES 1 window open.  Do not go here unless you have no other options and make sure you have plenty of time and nowhere else to be. AWFUL!! When someone comes up with an alternative to going to the post office, jobs will be lost but many of us who stand in these lines will be happy for the progress and relief from being made to accept terrible service. 

2/11/2015  Updated review

So one again, I arrive at 4:05pm and there's only one line open and at least 20 people in line.  Please, anyone that lives in the Yonkers area and uses this post office, call and email your complaints.  Everyone in line is complaining but it's always like this so apparently no one is actually voicing their complaints once they leave.  People let's use our voices!!! This is ridiculous. There should be a machine at this location.  Then customers that just needs stamps or to weigh and pay postage can do that at the machine.

Get here early, this place gets busy fast, hard to get parking because its so close to the library and dmv and the meter maids are all over this spot.



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