How To Eat Cheap and Have Fun

Monica Di Natale has written a book titled "365 Guide". The book details dining bargains in Manhattan that are not commonly known to the public. A $7 cocktail at Trump Tower, a $3 empanada in Hell's Kitchen, and a free hamburger with beer at a local bar. 

DiNatale spent three years dining out seven days a week.  The well researched bargain gastronome, still boasts a lithe figure despite her random sampling of the best for less.  

The book is concise and well organized, making it easy to find a restaurant of choice in a favored neighborhood. Don't expect to spend more than $7 for a glass of wine or $20 for an entree with wine.  This is not about five star. It is about $5. 

However, low prices do not equal low quality or atmosphere. Trust her guidance and let your fingers do the walking to the next best meal that does not require a bank loan. 

The book is available through www.amazon.com or kindle. There is also an "E" version. Click on the link to hear an interview with the author.


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