Yonkers New National Guard Commander

 New York Army National Guard Major Ian Seagriff, a New York City Fire Fighter and a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, will take command of the 101st Expeditionary Signal Battalion during a change of command ceremony on Sunday, April 9 at the Police Athletic League Center in Yonkers.

In attendance will be Major Ian Seagriff, the incoming commander, Lt. Col. Diane Armbruster, the outgoing commander, and Brig. Gen. Michel Natali, the commander of the 53rd Troop Command who will act as the presiding officer.

 A traditional change of command ceremony in which the outgoing commander will pass the colors of the battalion to the incoming commander. The ceremony was originally designed so that Soldiers could actually see who their new commander would be and also see that the unit's colors-its flag and the symbol of authority-was being transferred. Armbruster will pass the unit's colors to Natali, who in turn will hand them to Seagriff, symbolizing the transfer of authority for the battalion.

 11 a.m., Sunday, April 9, 2017. The Police Athletic League is located at 127 N. Broadway, Yonkers NY. 914-375-1080.



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