BREAKING NEWS: Mount Vernon Votes in New Mayor Again

Richard Thomas, the embattled Mayor of Mount Vernon NY, vacated office yesterday, August 1st. A U Haul ferried the contents of his chambers away. A court judgment stripped  him of the remaining and disputed time left in his term. 

City Council President Andre Wallace was appointed as acting mayor pending a formal election to be held in November for permanent Mayor. 

Today, the Mount Vernon City Council met and in a bizarre move, appointed the City Council President, Lisa Copeland as Mount Vernon mayor to replace Andre Wallace who just a day before replaced Richard Thomas.

Wallace refuses to step down from his two day reign. He goes even further to insist that Shawn Harris be recognized as his appointed Police Commissioner while Harris states that he cannot enter City Hall due to the threat of arrest.

The drama continues to unfold as the permutation of two mayors becomes increasingly complicated.