Yonkers Political Pundit Roasts City Hall

Christmas 2019 is over but political pundit, Fred Polvere has a lot to say about it in his recent essay. 


Twelve days of Christmas in Yonkers, the City of Gracious Living

by Fred Polvere

For the twelve days of Christmas, Mayor Spano, twelve questions:

A partridge in a pear tree – Will you promise not to extend term limits again?

Two turtle doves – Curious: Why did your election signs and Gordon Burrows’ re-election signs always happen to appear in tandem, at the same time, at each location?

Three French hens – You appear at more photo-ops for deli, nail salon, restaurant, etc. openings in one month than you have town halls in a year. Will you have a town hall a month in various parts of the city so residents can ask you questions?

Four calling birds – What are you doing to make sure that Yonkers gets an accurate census count of every single resident – citizen and non-citizen, alike - given the potential loss of federal dollars, state dollars, and elected representation for each man, woman, or child we fail to count?

Five gold rings – Now that Jose Alvarado is a city employee, again, will you garnish his wages to re-coup the $38,374.55 he was paid for his previous position which he didn’t perform?

Six geese a-laying – You make proud announcements about businesses and developers coming to Yonkers, yet our taxes keep going up. The next time you make an announcement of this sort, will you provide your constituents with a financial assessment of the deal, including the tax incentives awarded?

Seven swans a-swimming – If MGM gets a full-scale gaming license, will it get a sweetheart deal from you? Will Yonkers, yet again, gain little or nothing from business profits made in the city?

Eight maids a-milking - Will you push to stop Upper Scout Field Park, which is located totally in Yonkers, from being given away to Eastchester?

Nine ladies dancing – Why do the city clerk and finance commissioner have city take-home cars? Why do council members have city cars when their main use is to join you in photo-ops? Why do city employees who have been caught driving city cars out of Yonkers, and not on official business, still have city cars?

Ten lords a-leaping – What will you do to stop DPW workers from throwing 30-Gallon Heavy Duty Brown Paper Lawn Bags specified for leaf pickup in with the regular recycles, during the fall? Similarly, lamps, furniture, grills, etc. often are picked up and thrown in along with paper or commingles, with or without scheduled pickup appointments. Awareness begins at home. When will you show that Yonkers has a serious commitment to all environmental matters and change this behavior?

Eleven pipers piping – Why are commercial vehicles that are parked overnight (for extended periods) in residential neighborhoods not ticketed?


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