Deana Robinson to Run for Yonkers City Council

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Yonkers NY City Councilwoman, Shanae Williams, has announced her candidacy for the board of Westchester County Legislators 16th district. Williams age 29, officially declared her intentions on January 9th, 2023. 

  “Today marks the day the residents of Yonkers’ 16th Westchester County Legislative District can expect accountability, transparency, and above all else, action from your County Legislator. I am running for County Government to ensure that we finally address issues that affect our everyday quality of life such as homelessness, affordable housing, better youth supports and safety nets, and equitable access to county resources,”

In the wake of her declaration, her long time legislative aide, Deana Renee Norman- Robinson has announced 

that she is a candidate for William's 1st District City Council seat.www.deanafordistrict1.com

 “I am running for Yonkers City Council to make sure city government works for everyone! The Yonkers City Council can have a great impact on the daily lives of those in our community, and I want to make sure that impact is positive”, says candidate Deana Robinson. “I look forward to spending the next few months  speaking with and meeting with the voters of the district and asking them to give me the honor to serve as their Councilwoman.”

Robinson  manages her own Public Relations firm in addition to her duties as advisor to Williams. She is active in the Yonkers community and has several clients in the Yonkers area and neighboring towns. http://voyageatl.com/interview/meet-deana-renee-robinson-of-deana-etc-co-media/

The busy mom of two hosts a podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/240Uce5Sw0YrMFUPDbQemV?si=m6tXO9_zQ9Sj-I_VkMkRkg&nd=1 and is a member of the Solid Rock Christian Church. https://www.deanaetc.com/faith/80agrnffnkn5o9rqte7y8ebl4a4hvp

There are challenges in governing. The 1st district has been plagued with many issues. Homelessness is rampant. Williams states in Black Westchester Magazine, “We know that there is a huge homeless population in the City of Yonkers, most of which is concentrated in the first district,” said Councilwoman Williams."  

Little has been done to alleviate the problem. An uptick in retail theft in the 1st city council district has dismayed and frustrated store owners leading to a loss of revenue and an increase in prices. Multiple shootings and stabbings have occurred in district 1 in 2022. 



District 1, along with other south Yonkers neighborhoods, has endured the impact of global warming for decades. Historical red lining and the lack of environmental correction has led to health issues and increased energy bills among the poorer residents in that area. https://www.groundworkhv.org/programs/transforming-places/climate-safe-neighborhoods/

Recently, developers have invested in the Ludlow area. https://therealdeal.com/tristate/2023/01/05/ginsburgs-yonkers-project-back-on-with-diminished-plan/

The development will have a portion for affordable housing.  However, the definition of affordable housing and low income housing is not the same. https://www.apartmentlist.com/renter-life/low-income-vs-affordable-housing  This leaves a large segment of the poor population of District 1 without recourse to desirable living conditions. The low cost of vast tracts of land in impoverished areas has made it attractive to outside interests. 

Lionsgate Studios has seized the opportunity to invest in Yonkers, particularly in District 1. Touted as the future Hollywood on the Hudson, huge parcels of land are slated for mega studios that will produce world class productions to be viewed around the globe. The attractive enticement of tax abatements in exchange for jobs and benefits to the community has been a plus. Although Lionsgate has announced a partnership with the Yonkers Board of Education to form a magnet school which will train students in the industry, jobs associated with film production are lacking. https://www.deanaetc.com/community/y6u4hiktj0tfaeza8odar6ag0c0qk6


Movie production jobs are controlled by the IATSE Local 52 union and have strict standards for admission. https://www.iatselocal52.org/?zone=view_page.cfm&page=Join20Us

Although a recent ruling allows non union members to work on productions, the work standards remain the same. This means that skills and experience are required to work on a movie set. 

The challenges are numerous for anyone seeking the seat. Robinson has six years of governmental experience as an aide to Shanae Williams. 






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