Migrant Shelter Planned for Riverdale Neighborhood

And so it begins. Contrary to both public and politicians opinions, the Stagg group has applied to the NYC building department to convert the former Manhattan College dormitory located at 3810 Waldo Avenue, into a migrant shelter.  The NYC Dept of Buildings lists two applications dated 9/11/2023 and 9/13/2023  https://a810-dobnow.nyc.gov/publish/Index.html#!/search

The dormitory was sold to the Stagg Group in June 2023 for $18 million dollars. At the time of the sale, Riverdale City Councilman, Eric Dinowitz met with Manhattan College. 

"Councilman Eric Dinowitz met with Manhattan College, and together, they discussed the intentions for Stagg to build a new affordable housing site.

“Riverdale — absolutely needs more affordable housing, there no doubt,” Councilman Eric Dinowitz said. “I’m absolutely against another single men shelter,” "  - Riverdale Press    

Historically, the Stagg Group has had a contentious relationship with the Riverdale and Kingsbridge communities.  Known for the bait and switch approach of pledging affordable housing and subsequently changing that promise to homeless shelters, they have received little support.



The corridor on W. 238th where the proposed migrant shelter would be located is a vibrant commercial zone. There are two popular restaurants, two delis and numerous other business establishments. In addition, there are co op buildings and middle income apartment buildings that  have withstood the tide of economic downfalls over the years.  

In the wake of the unprecedented migrant influx, the City of New York is running out of options to house new arrivals.  Asylum seekers are arriving in New York City at the rate of 2,000 per week.  Although Mayor Adams has questioned the mandatory NYC Right to Shelter law, he still seeks new venues to house migrants. Many migrants now reside in homeless shelters.  It is unclear if they will be the new occupants should the City sign off on Stagg's application. HPD Commissioner, Adolfo Carrion is one of the City officials in the decision making process. Carrion served as Executive Vice President for the Stagg Group in 2014.

It remains to be seen if the W.238th Street neighborhood will succumb to Stagg Nation.


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