Man Shot Near Yonkers Family Court

On December 17th, 2018, Westchester County Legislator David Tubiolo (R) sent the following email  to Yonkers constituents. He is a member of the Public Safety Committee.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

There’s no more important job of County government then protecting public safety.  

Residents certainly have seen County Police Officers patrolling the Bronx River, Cross County, Hutchinson River and Saw Mill River parkways and County parks, including Playland. But there are things the County’s Department of Public Safety does to protect county residents that may not be as visible.

POLICE ACADEMY:  Westchester operates the New York State Zone 3 Police Training Academy, which provides training not only County police but also local police throughout Westchester

SHARED SERVICES:  The County shares our unique public safety resources with every municipality in Westchester.  These include:

  • SPECIAL OPERATIONS DIVISION: Our Aviation Unit, our Hazardous Devices Unit (bomb squad), our Marine Unit, our Special Response Team (SWAT) and our Canine Unit, are frequently called on to assist local law enforcement
  • FORENSIC INVESTIGATIONS UNIT: Our state-of-the-art Forensic Investigations Unit is accredited by the New York State Commission on Forensic Science and the American Society of Crime Lab Directors and has provided aid not only local law enforcement but even the FBI
  • CERTIFIED ACCIDENT INVESTIGATORS: We provide certified accident investigators to local municipalities to assist when there are serious injury or fatal accidents

SCHOOL SAFETY TRAINING: We provide active shooter and other safety training to schools, businesses and other organizations across Westchester.

In addition, the County’s Department of Probation annually handles cases involving more than 2,000 young people in the Family Court system and more than 11,000 adults in the criminal courts, supervising low, medium and high risk offenders; operating special supervision units for sex offenders, domestic violence offenders, and young offenders; and running a unit to support victims of crimes.

The County’s Department of Corrections operates the County Jail and administers important inmate education and life-skill training to help offenders when they leave jail.

And of course, the District Attorney’s office, not only prosecutes crimes, but has established programs to help veterans caught up in the criminal justice system, and to advocate for common sense gun safety.

Westchester has 1,722 employees devoted to keeping our communities safe. The cost to taxpayers of keeping Westchester residents safe through all these programs and more is around $196 per capita annually.


David Tubiolo


Eighteen days after the email was sent,January 4th, 2019, an adult male was shot in the lower torso at 2:30am, in front of 131 Warburton Avenue. The building is an active hub of the Department of Welfare, Westchester County Probation, and the Yonkers Family Court that Tubiolo refers to in his email.  A bus stop and an omnipresent surveillance camera are situated on the corner of Ashburton and Warburton. Mothers and children, judges and lawyers, homeless and seniors share that same pathway. 

Although located in the gritty South West sector of Yonkers, Warburton is also a main thoroughfare for the wealthy driving to and from the affluent towns of Hastings and Briar Cliff Manor.

Yonker Voice publisher, Rui Ben Ros, was stopped at a red light and gave the following account. 

"I was stopped at a traffic light on Ashburton and Warburton. I heard between four to six shots fired. I thought it was kids with fireworks. Then, I look over and saw a man on the ground. I realized that he had been shot."

Ros grabbed his camera and sprang into action, photographing the crime scene. His news service, Yonkers Voice, was the sole media outlet that covered the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KFlDonB1ns

A few hours later, Yonkers Police issued the following statement:

"The Yonkers Police Department is investigating a shooting incident that occurred at about 2:30 p.m. today at 131 Warburton Avenue. A male victim was shot in the buttocks, he has been transferred to a local area hospital where he's in stable condition with non-life-threatening injuries. Detectives are actively working the case right now, no arrests have been made at this time."

On January 3th, 2019, the City of Yonkers held a swearing in ceremony for twenty five new police officers. They will average out the members who are retiring. However, some are skeptical as posted in the Yonkers Tribune. 

…and they all will probably be laid off come july 1, 2019, when the city budget defecit (sic) is reported to be over 100 million.

Warburton Avenue is riddled with old bullet holes and the history of a violent past. But things are changing. More cops, fewer criminals, and improved real estate are at work.  But are those changes faster than a stray bullet?  Perhaps the Public Safety Committee has an answer. 



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