Yonkers Shooting Suspect Update

Jamir Thompson has been removed from the juvenile facility where he was placed upon arrest. He is being held without bail at another location in the Westchester County prison system.

He appeared in court with his lawyer, Lisa Pelosi He plead not guilty to the charge of second degree manslaughter. "“He’s a young man with no convictions, from a nice, humble family,” said Thompson’s attorney Lisa Pelosi. “Our hearts go out to the victims’ family. This is a tragedy for everyone. He’s here to say he’s not guilty and he’s going to fight the case.”

Thompson is no stranger to the justice system.

:"In 2015, at age 12, Jamir Thompson was charged with a knife point robbery. In 2017, arrested again for possession of a loaded .380 caliber gun. Last November, he was charged with stabbing someone in the leg during a dispute. - CBS News.


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