Illegal Fireworks Put Yonkers Residents in Danger


Yonkers residents on the west side of town have been plagued with the unrelenting explosions of illegal fireworks. 

The displays start at sunset and continue until 3am.  Police are scrambling to answer a barrage of calls from desperate 



Although an ordinance exists prohibiting the illegal use of fireworks without a permit, this has not deterred the participators.


It shall be unlawful to use, discharge or cause to be discharged, ignited, fired or otherwise set in action any fireworks in the City of Yonkers unless a permit is issued by the Commissioner pursuant to § 405.00 of the Penal Code of the State of New York.
No permit shall be issued pursuant to Subsection A of this section unless the applicant pays the permit fee.

Some attribute it to the quarantine effect. A response to the mandated isolation everyone has been subjected to in the  wake 

of the coronavirus.  But the issue is the potential for injury and fire due to reckless use of fireworks.  Spent fireworks, 

improperly disposed in trash can ignite. Careless handling by the user can cause severe injury.


In addition, the noise is an irritant particularly to babies, animals, and former combat vets. Essential worker are deprived of

sleep and the right to a comfortable environment for Yonkers residents has been challenged.  A "gentrified" Yonkers will

never reach it's potential if the quality of life is not a priority.



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