Fireworks Continue Uncontrolled in SW Yonkers

The scourge of illegal fireworks continued unabated into the July 4th, 2020 holiday. Southwest Yonkers rang with unrelenting explosions throughout the day and night. The only area spared was the well policed,  upscale waterfront section where outdoor diners eased through their meals assured of security. Fireworks were not welcome there. 

But a three minute drive in either direction yielded dramatically lit skies of huge, dazzling fire bouquets. The explosions stopped traffic and endangered motorists. The Nepperhan Community Center outdoor basketball court became a default arena for the action drawing a large crowd. And the spectre of yet another firework related building fire loomed in the background. 

Neither the threat of arrest nor  the threat of covid stopped the endless street party. And without a staff of bouncers, nothing will. 




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