Be on Lookout for Local Porch Thief

Be on the look out for a brazen porch pirate in Mount Vernon and surrounding areas. 

Police are on the hunt for a porch pirate who they say stole more than $1,000 worth of Christmas gifts from the brother of former Mount Vernon mayor, Richard Thomas. 
 Surveillance cameras captured the robbery at the house on Hutchinson Boulevard in Mount Vernon.
According to the home owner, Butch Thomas, "She jumped out of the car, walked all the way up here, nonchalant, and gathered my things as fast as possible and got out of here. And somebody was in the car waiting for her," said Thomas.
The thief had an accomplice and was driven away in a BMW SUV. A surveillance cameras at a BP gas station just up the street was able to see the vehicle clearly as it stopped at a light and then headed into Pelham


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