Yonkers Police Star in Car Chase

Lionsgate Studios has not opened yet in South West Yonkers but became the location of a lot of drama on the night of October 27, 2021.
The much touted new biz on the block is slated to be an economic and cultural game changer for the City of Hills. The facility boasts 100,000 sq ft. of stages and productions that will create movies and class A entertainment.
Slated to open in November, it had it's first dose of the downtown Y.O when a Yonkers Police chase ended in a vehicle with two suspects crashing into a Metro North track structure support on Buena Vista and Dock Street. The incident was just steps away from the new studios. Complete with lights and action, Yonkers police were in charge of the scene. 
The spotlight was on the folks in blue. They starred in the drama as they searched the entry to Lionsgate in pursuit of the suspects that fled on foot. It ended with one person in custody. Police are searching for the second suspect.
While the YPD conducted the ground work, a Westchester County Police helicopter hovered above, assisting in the search. A ladder enabled the police to check the Lionsgate premises. 
Check out Yonkers Voice for more info. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAQkgzx71p8
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