Alleged Mail Box Vandalism

The City of Yonkers has seen it's share of mail box tampering. https://www.postal-reporter.com/blog/yonkers-ny-police-arrest-former-usps-employee-in-connection-with-mail-theft/

The activity appears to have slowed but just south of the Yonkers/Bronx border it still continues. 

A Riverdale resident, Thor Wickstrom, captured a man in action, recently. It should be noted that the actions are alleged. There is no proof that any mail was stolen, although a sticky substance was found on the mail slot after the individual left. That person also objected to having his license plate photographed. 


The Riverdale post office and the 50th precinct were notified. There has been no response to date. 

However, citizens are encouraged to deposit mail directly at the post office since mail boxes are subject to vandalism. 


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