Yonkers Highest in Motor Vehicle Accidents

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, there are plenty reasons to celebrate.

Warm weather, a decrease in covid spread  and the opportunity to hang out with friends and family.

Many will take the opportunity to travel by plane but even more will drive.  U.S. Memorial Day weekend travel is expected to be the busiest in two years as more American drivers  disregard high fuel prices.

Unfortunately, more driving means more accidents.  Yonkers, according to DMV statistics has the highest rate of vehicle accidents in Westchester County.

The numbers vary. DMV cites crash reports in Yonkers as 693 for the year 2022. YPD cites upwards of 1000 according to police reports that were filed in 2022. The numbers are high from both sources which increases the concern for safe driving. 

The Yonkers sector with the largest volume of accidents is bounded by Park Hill, Elm and Van Cortlandt Park Avenue in South Yonkers. The area of Kimball Avenue, Bronx River Parkway and Cross County Parkway in east Yonkers, also shows a frequency of accidents. 

The area with the lowest number of incidents is located in the section of Central Park Avenue near Bronx River Parkway and the Sprain River Parkway.

The numbers speak for themselves. Motorists should exercise extra caution when driving in high impact areas. Speed and poor driving skills are listed as factors in the majority of the accidents. A good reason to slow down, skip the booze, and pay attention to the road. Distractions such as phones and other electronic devices have no place in the driver's seat.


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