More Bear Sightings in Yonkers


There appears to be yet more reports of bear sightings in the Yonkers area. The following discussion was posted on a local blog:

Saw Mill River Rd9 hr ago

Hello, just wanted to inform my neighbors that we have black bears in our neighborhood. Friday evening I had 2 black bears in my backyard. The cops mentioned that there is a family of 3 bears roaming around in Yonkers. Please be careful with leaving your children and pets unattended. Do not leave any food out or garbage bins open. Lets work together to stay safe and keep these bears out of our neighborhood.
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Was this sighting on Colin St?
8 hr ago
 • Saw Mill River Rd
Experts say to avoid leaving garbage outside which lures bears to the food supply. If you ever encounter a bear, the following video will instruct you on what to do.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHZ-prhA7E0
Photo credit to Carol Ann


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