Fake Yonkers Police Scam

IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM THE YPD: The Yonkers Police Department is receiving reports that unknown scammers are calling residents and community members and impersonating Yonkers Police Officers, either threatening arrests in exchange for payment of (non-existent) fines or soliciting monetary donations on behalf of the Department. The originating telephone numbers are spoofed (fake caller ID) making targets believe that the call is originating from the Yonkers Police Department, including telephone numbers assigned to the 4th Precinct (914) 377-7402. The Yonkers Police is investigating; however, these calls often originate outside our jurisdiction and frequently overseas.

Please be aware that the Yonkers Police Department - or any government entity - will NEVER call to demand payment or make threats. The best course of action if you receive a call such as above, or any unsolicited call, is to SIMPLY HANG-UP. If you want to verify the caller, call them back directly yourself. Please see the attached infographics for more information.

Any residents or community members who have been defrauded by this scam are asked to call the Yonkers Police directly at (914) 377-7900 to file a complaint.


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