Yonkers Waterfront Woes

The waterfront of Yonkers NY has been reincarnated more frequently than Madonna's face lifts. In every instance, the results have shown improvement. 

The standard river front  drugs and prostitution scenario has been replaced by stunning high rise developments and equally stunning NYC ex pats who have found value and beauty in the new developments. One of those new high rise buildings is the Apex located at 20 Water Grant Street. The complex has indoor parking, quick access to the Metro North train station and jaw dropping views of the Hudson river. Their website describes Apex rental apartments: https://www.apexhudsonriverfront.com/

Yet beneath the glam and glitter, another description of Apex has emerged. One that details an unkept premises and a building plagued with robberies.  A Facebook discussion specific to the Yonkers waterfront community, posts the following. The first described incident took place on or about the last week of November 2022.  These are excerpts:


I am a resident on the 3rd floor of the Apex Water Front Property. Last week a detective from Yonkers PD called me. They arrested a
”janitor” who has been burglarizing apartments and this person had my check book in their pocket. Which makes sense now because my back accounts were being fraudulently charged over the last 2 weeks.
I have learned that other victims have also been devastated by the culprit as a result of this negligence. The culprit is a known repeat offender….don’t they do background checks??
Has anyone else heard of this situation? And has any restitution relief been provided? It’s insane to think that this person had the ability to sack my apartment, rifle through my draws, and steal my information….who knows how long this has been going on.
Please PM me if anyone has advice. "

"from what has been shared with me from the ongoing investigation is this:
1. At least 6 apartments were burglarized…..could be more now …as this was as of last week.
2. Fraudulent charges being made to “Tonys Transport” or “Hotsales Final”
I hope we all come together to prevent this from happening again as this is a beautiful building and area"
"Just got a tip that this "janitor" guy have been robbing Apex apartments for months. Check if you have anything missing - this could be his work."

"there was another attempted entry on 12/12 by a male using yet ANOTHER master key fob.
Apex has been silent on all of this.
The male from the original incident, Omar Roundtree, was charged with 5 counts of Burglary and 3 counts of Identity Theft."
"btw, according to the same source, this robber guy Omar Roundtree was also taking pictures of ids, documents, bank statements, tax returns and etc., police found it on his phone"
"According to the crime map, there were 4 apartments in total broken into. I'm appalled that other than this Facebook post, there has been ZERO communication by management. It truly sickens me, and I feel extremely unsafe in the building."
"This is Apex water front in yonkers NY 10701 The address is 20 water Grant street my car got vandalized my stuff got taken from my car my window got broken my side back never got taken my back bumper got hit this building charges $59 for camera fees from every tenant. Meanwhile there is no cameras in the parking lot my car is not the first car that have gotten vandalized. This building is not safe anybody could just go into the building through the parking." (December 7 2022)
The process of gentrification is plagued with remnants of the old status quo and the culture clashes it inevitably leads to. Apex, built in 2018, may be a case of old wine in new bottles or yet another Yonkers high rise development struggling against the odds. 



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