Yonkers Migrant Bike Safety

The Ramada Inn located in Yonkers NY, is host to approximately 100 migrant families. Arrivals began in May 2023. The Ramada is located on Tuckahoe Road. 

Young mothers pass through with baby carriages and security personnel remain alert to all activity. Outside, a pile of bikes and moped scooters sit in a heap. 

New York law is specific in regards to bike riders. https://nybc.net/education/bike-law/2-uncategorised/68-a-summary-of-ny-state-bike-laws

In addition, both NYC and the Yonkers Police Department have been diligent in removing unregistered and unlicensed mopeds and electric scooters from the streets. 


This presents a dilemma of how unlicensed migrants driving unregistered scooters will be able to work. If they are unfamiliar with NY traffic and roadways, will they be able to navigate safely on bikes?  Yet, without the means of transportation, many will not be able to earn a living. 

Well wishers and Bike NY have been instrumental in donating bikes to migrants. However, little has been done to educate riders on the safe operation of those bikes. https://www.bike.nyc/blog/news/bike-new-york-offers-free-bikes-to-asylum-seekers/

More needs to be done for the safety of the rider and the safety of the public. 


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