Connecticut Housing Partners is on the front line during COVID-19 and delivers 16,000 pounds of food!

With thousands out of work, and children not receiving meals in school, food insecurity is on the rise, including in Fairfield County, where Connecticut Housing Partners is taking care of their residents during the COVID-19 crisis. CHP has been managing food deliveries to their low-income residents since April 14th! Renée Dobos, CEO of Connecticut Housing Partners said, “We will not let any of our residents go hungry. We are not only offering food to our residents, but we are offering them hope during these challenging times.” CHP has delivered 8 tons of food to its residents thus far.

CHP’s Resident Coordinator, Melody Gonzalez, continues to reach out to Community Partners and the food delivery programs include weekly grocery deliveries to their 125 seniors, where it has been recommended that they not leave their units to stay safe from the COVID-19. Ruth in Huntington Place, said, “This is such a wonderful thing, I am so grateful the CHP is taking care of me so well.” Ruth is one of 125 seniors who has been receiving bags of groceries delivered right to their doors weekly. Ruth added, “I don’t get to see a lot of people these days and it is so nice to know the CHP staff cares about me and shows up at my apartment with groceries, a smile, and even a new mask when I need one!” The senior grocery program through SWCAA, Southwestern Agency Aging has delivered 9,000 pounds of food since April 28th.

Bridgeport Rescue Mission has provided almost 4,500 pounds of groceries to disadvantaged CHP families in Bridgeport and includes Maplewood Place, Merton House, and Yale Street Commons. Most of these residents have lost their income and do not know when they can return to work, if ever. Many of these residents feel lost and alone CHP is the bright light showing that management cares about them and wants to help them through this crisis. CHP is not just a landlord. They are a stable force that will help them this pandemic.  CHP has also expanded its social entity to include budget counseling and job search resources to all residents including those who have been given rental assistance through their Rent Bank program.

New to the “food line up” is a meal delivery program through Food Rescue US who provided 100 meals to Stamford residents last week and will deliver 200 meals to Stamford and Bridgeport this week. Melody, the Property Management Team, and the CHP staff are working tirelessly to expand these food programs daily to keep the food and support coming.


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