Trumbull's Kennedy Ctr. Selling Low Cost Covid Rapid Tests

Trumbull, CT — The Kennedy Center in Trumbull CT is now selling Covid 19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit to town agencies, senior living facilities, schools, businesses, and the public. These tests, in addition to the agencies full range of PPE, can be preordered immediately through The Kennedy Center’s www.palmandable.com retail web portal and will be available for shipping/pick-up the week of January 3, 2022. Rapid Response tests and PPE will also be available for in-person purchase at The Kennedy Center’s Palm & Able retail stores located at 874 Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton CT and 39 Lindeman Drive in Trumbull, CT.

“With the explosive spread of the new COVID-19 Omicron variant, the demand for testing has skyrocketed,” commented Kennedy Center President & CEO, Rick Sebastian. “The public is literally scrambling to find testing of any kind with great frustration. The relationships we have forged to secure and sell PPE to the community, schools, businesses and government agencies, have provided a quick and reliable pathway for The Kennedy Center to now offer rapid response tests to the public on demand.”

PPE equipment available through The Kennedy Center include KN95, N95 and disposable masks, gloves, disinfectants, face shields and SafePass San-Air decontamination systems. San-Air is an innovative, 100% biodegradable and recyclable solution technology comprised of all-natural, non-toxic ingredients. Rigorously tested, the system’s cutting-edge technology is proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria, mold and germs from surfaces and removes pathogens, including COVID-19, from the air treating home, office, and workspaces safely and free of toxic chemicals. 

About The Kennedy Center, Inc.

2021 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Kennedy Center. Since first opening in 1951, The Kennedy Center has remained steadfast in its mission of serving and creating opportunity for persons with disabilities through its Adult and Community Services, Workforce Development, and Social Enterprise divisions.  Today, The Kennedy Center provides services, supports and employment to more than 2,000 individuals annually in more than 110 communities throughout Connecticut and the State of New York.


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