State Lawmakers Applaud Sikorsky Groundbreaking on Route 110 Realignment

Local state lawmakers joined together with town officials and Sikorsky executives to break ground on the long-awaited Main Street realignment and expansion project on Monday, July 8.

The Route 110 project will realign Sikorsky’s South entrance with Oronoque Lane, widen the roadway, add turning lanes, and add a crosswalk. The project seeks to alleviate traffic problems in the area and support growth at Sikorsky.

“This project is a great example of how well public private partnerships can work when we have a common goal,” said Senator Kevin Kelly. “By easing the flow of traffic, we can help reduce commute times. Less time on the road means more productivity at work and more time at home with your family. This will also help Sikorsky prepare for growth in both production and jobs. This will help move cars more efficiently off the Merritt Parkway to avoid traffic backup on the Sikorsky Bridge. This is a very exciting and crucial project to help our entire community over the long term.”

“I am excited and I am sure the local residents and employees are excited to see this project moving forward,” said Representative Ben McGorty. “We have thousands of commuters using Route 110 daily and the current alignment of Route 110 has caused headaches for everyone for far too long. The realignment of Route 110 is greatly needed and I can’t wait to see the project completed.”

“This is a problem that reflects good things happening in our local economy,” said Representative Joe Gresko. “More employees at Sikorsky means more traffic during shift changes. This project will streamline the traffic pattern and alleviate some of the daily traffic headaches.”

“I’m glad to see this project move forward,” said Representative Phil Young. “Traffic at a standstill is bad for tempers and bad for the economy.  We want to keep things moving forward.”

PICTURED: Members of the Stratford legislative delegation attended the groundbreaking of the Route 110 realignment project, a collaboration with Sikorsky, on July 8, 2019. Pictured from left to right: Representative Phil Young, Representative Joe Gresko, Representative Ben McGorty, Senator Kevin Kelly