Westport Urgent Care on Connecticut's Back to School Physical and Immunization Requirements

With summer coming to a close and back to school just weeks away, Deborah A. Mogelof, MD of Westport Urgent Care reminds parents that now is the time to get school and sports physicals – don't wait until the last minute. To help parents avoid the back to school rush, Westport Urgent Care is offering a Back to School Physical and Assessment Special for Connecticut's mandatory physical health screenings for only $100 for parents who do not have insurance or whose insurance does not cover health screenings.

"Connecticut State law requires all students enrolled in a public school system to have periodic physical examinations and show proof of adequate immunization against communicable diseases, according to the requirements from the Connecticut Department of Public Health." According to Dr. Mogelof, written proof, including the immunization completion dates, are required for the following: Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis B, and Varicella (chicken pox). Immunization against Haemophilus Influenza Type B (HIB) is also required for all children who enter school before the age of 5.

"Connecticut also has requirements for a variety of health screenings designed to keep our children safe and allow them to receive an education without interference from
physical or medical issues," said Dr. Mogelof.

Health screenings mandated by the State of Connecticut are done according to the following schedule:

Vision (distance only): Kindergarten through Grade 6, and Grade 9.

Color discrimination (check for color-blindness): Grade 2

Hearing: Kindergarten through Grade 3, Grade 5, and Grade 8.

Postural (scoliosis): Grades 5 through 9. This may be waived in Grade 6 if already done and documented on the 6th grade physical, which is required before entering Grade 7.

"Additionally, if your child plans to participate in sports activities, sports physicals are required. Your child's school or even the Parks and Recreation Department will have additional information on the type of sports physical required and when the physical must be done before your student participates in a sports program," Dr. Mogelof explains.

Any student wishing to try out for a school sport at the Middle School or High School must turn in a completed sports packet every year to the school nurse, prior to the start of tryouts. Physicals for sports must be done annually. Sports packets can be downloaded from the district and school web sites. In addition to the physical, sports packets contain forms for the Parent Permission, Medical History and Code of Ethics.

"Connecticut, and Westport in particular, provide some of the finest education in the nation. I personally urge parents to take the proper steps to make sure their children are ready to go back to school with good health and bright spirits," concluded Dr. Mogelof.

Westport Urgent Care provides an alternative to emergency rooms and doctor's offices from their office at 1045 Pond Road East. Westport Urgent Care also offers employers professional services for workers compensation, routine exams, and drug testing. For additional information, call (203) 557-8200, or visit their website at westporturgentcare.com.

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