Why Local Nonprofits Matter: The Westport Museum for History and Culture

Why Westport Nonprofits Matter

Meet Ramin Ganeshram, Executive Director of  The Westport Museum for History and Culture.

Q: What is the mission/purpose of The Westport Museum for History and Culture?

The Westport Museum for History and Culture is dedicated to embracing the truths of history so that all can see themselves in our American story.

Q: How do you support the community?

We offer a variety of programs, exhibits, and special events including special programs for school groups, teen interns and under-resourced groups. A major goal of the Museum is that everyone feels comfortable in our space and sees themselves in the American story regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion or other status.

Q: Have you "reimagined" your nonprofit?

Yes, the Museum has undergone a strategic-plan guided reimagination in the last five years to transition from a small, local history museum that functioned almost as a closed  “club” to an open and welcoming institution that meets visitors where they are through a number of interactive programs, exhibitions and events.

Q: How can the community support your nonprofit?

We’d love people to come and see us and then spread the word about what they experience. We are a privately funded organization—meaning that we survive by the generosity of visitors, grants, and donors since we don’t get money from the Town of Westport or other tax-based entities.

Visit The Westport Museum for History and Culture online https://westporthistory.org. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram 

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