High-End Pop-Up Consignment Shop Leftover Luxuries Returns to Westport on June 8

Has spring cleaning left you looking to shed an expensive piece of furniture that no longer has a place or designer clothing, handbags, or shoes from past seasons that are never or rarely worn? You will have a custom-made destination for them, but only for a limited time. Premiere high end, pop-up consignment shop Leftover Luxuries will make its way back to Westport from June 8 through June 24.

Started in 2009 and based in Charlottesville, VA, Leftover Luxuries LLC is the inspiration of interior designer Wendi Smith. As seen in the New York Times, Smith recently completed an event on the Lower East Side and is making her way to Westport again. The first sale in town was in May 2010. Launched to provide a venue for clients to move some of the items they no longer use or want and to purchase new items at affordable prices, the concept merges a high-end sale for fashionable locals with a first class event.

All local residents—including merchants, artisans, antique dealers, and interior designers—are invited to consign their items for the sale. Leftover Luxuries provides the rented venue space, advertising, staffing, merchandising, and all promotional material to attract potential buyers. Consignees price their own items and retain 60 percent of the sale price. By requiring that all consigned items are pre-approved by a Leftover Luxuries agent, the level of quality is kept very high, and consignors can feel confident that their items are seen in an upscale atmosphere. The fast pace of the event (here and gone in 17 days) helps generate retail momentum and means that goods don’t linger in the marketplace.

The formula has proven irresistible in high-end communities across the country. From Atlanta to Southern California, Westport to Richmond, Leftover Luxuries has generated thousands of satisfied consignors and purchasers. Westport provides an ideal market for this proven formula of quick sales, carefully curated goods, high energy, and enthusiasm.

Leftover Luxuries will occupy a storefront on the first floor of 877 Post Rd. E in Westport. Consignors get a “sneak peak” and “first dibs” at a Thursday evening reception on June 7 before the sale goes public.

For more information, contact Wendi Smith by phone at (434) 989-3543 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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