Ventilator Fundraiser for Norwalk Hospital

Fairfield County has been hit so hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, that many have referred to the area as “ground zero” or the “epicenter” of the outbreak in Connecticut. As of May 5th, there have been 1,623 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Norwalk, and 86 deaths. Across Fairfield County, 12,245 cases have been reported and a total of 910 people have died. The number of cases continues to grow, and many experts say it will do so for weeks (or months) to come.

Dr. Mohamed Elsamra, a practicing psychiatrist in neighboring Westport, was inspired to take action to help mobilize efforts to help save lives. He had the idea that if he could find ventilators to donate to local area hospitals, this would be one way he could make an impact that most definitely would save the lives of many to come during this crisis, as ventilators are in short supply and high demand.

Dr. Elsamra is now co-hosting a GoFundMe with Jennifer Hrbek, Executive Director of Positive Directions-The Center for Prevention and Counseling, to raise $50,000 for the purchase of 4 ventilators to be donated to Fairfield County Hospitals. They have already donated 1 ventilator that is being used at Norwalk Hospital.

It’s time for us friends and neighbors to rally round this admirable effort, and give where we live to this important cause. Your donation, could have a direct impact on getting this important life saving device to a hospital that will treat you, a family member or someone else in our community. Please consider donating to this life-saving cause.  Every dollar (and ventilator) counts!

Visit the GoFundMe page here


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