Aspetuck Land Trust Lunch and Learn on June 9, From Lyme Disease to Covid-19

From Lyme Disease to Covid-19: Can Improving Biodiversity Reduce our Exposure to these Diseases? 

New Lunch and Learn Lecture Date:  Wednesday June 9 from 12:00-1:30pm

Would it surprise you to learn that the emergence of Covid-19, Lyme disease and other zoonotic diseases could have a common cause...the loss of biodiversity? Powerful research is shining the light on how our exposure to these infectious diseases is related to the decrease in biodiversity globally and in our own yards.

Dr. Felicia Keesing will share her years of research on the biology of species diversity and how reversing the decline of a variety of plants and animals in our environment could help prevent the emergence and spread of these diseases on a global and community based scale.

She will also share ways that improving biodiversity in our backyards could potentially be a key factor in breaking the link to Lyme disease and other diseases. Join us for this amazing live lecture!


*If you have already registered for this Lunch & Learn, you do not need to re-register for the new date.


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