PAL Fireworks Traffic Advisory at Compo Beach on July 30

The annual PAL fireworks display is set for this Thursday, June 30, 2022, with a rain date of Friday, July 1, 2022.

This is the largest annual Westport event featuring heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic affecting all roads south of Greens Farms Road between Compo Road South and Hillspoint Road.

It is recommended that spectators plan to arrive early as traffic delays are inevitable. Daytime Compo Beach visitors are reminded the beach closes at 4:00 PM. 

Only those vehicles with fireworks passes will be allowed to remain within the beach.  We ask those with fireworks passes to be standing by their vehicles at that time so Parks and Recreation staff can collect their pass. The beach should reopen to ticket holders by 5:00 PM, however, this determination will be made by Westport Parks and Recreation staff.

Pedestrians attending the fireworks are reminded not to walk on the roads and to use sidewalks when going to and from Compo Beach.  It is recommended that pedestrians wear bright clothing and parents please always keep an eye on small children!

For ticket holders:

-    Access to the PAL Fireworks display will be through South Compo Road only.  Hillspoint Road south of Greens Farms Road will be open to residents with residences south of that intersection.

-    Firework attendees should display the ticket prominently on the dashboard so it can be seen clearly when traveling to the event. They will be collected upon entry into the parking area.

-    All ticket holders must be inside Compo Beach by 9:00 PM.  No vehicular beach traffic will be allowed south of the Minuteman statue after that time.

For those who do not have tickets:

-    Vehicles without a ticket will not be able to go any further towards Compo Beach than the Minuteman statue.

-    Those utilizing Uber, Lyft, or Taxi services will be directed straight past the Minuteman Statue on Compo Road South. There, visitors can walk from the area of Compo Road South and Soundview Drive to the beach. NOTE: If you choose to use this method of transportation return service will not be available until after 11pm due to 1 way traffic exiting the beach area.


Just prior to the conclusion of the fireworks display, two-way traffic will be suspended on Compo Beach Road and South Compo Road to the intersection of Greens Farms Road. There will be two lanes of northbound traffic on these streets until the beach is cleared. Residents of this area will encounter delays in getting to their homes for approximately one hour or until traffic has cleared from the Compo Beach area and should plan accordingly. Residents who are planning on picking up family members in the beach area should also plan for delays. Motorists are reminded there will be a significant amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the Compo Beach area prior to and after the event and are asked to please exercise extreme caution while traveling through this area.