Westport's HamletHub https://news.hamlethub.com/westport Fri, 19 Oct 2018 19:49:35 -0400 HamletHub.com Westport Out of the Darkness Walk at Sherwood Island on October 27 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/neighbors/45567-westport-out-of-the-darkness-walk-at-sherwood-island-on-october-2745567-westport-out-of-the-darkness-walk-at-sherwood-island-on-october-27 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/neighbors/45567-westport-out-of-the-darkness-walk-at-sherwood-island-on-october-2745567-westport-out-of-the-darkness-walk-at-sherwood-island-on-october-27

Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport on Saturday, October 27.

Check-in begins at 11:00 am and the walk begins at noon.

Register HERE.

The Out of the Darkness Community Walk is a journey of remembrance and a walk that unites a community – a time to acknowledge the ways in which suicide and mental illness have affected our lives and our loved ones. We all wear honor beads - each color shows our personal connection to the cause, and helps us identify others who understand our experience.

For more information, please contact Michelle Peters at 860-614-7208 or via email at mpeters@afsp.org.

Online registration closes at noon (local time) the Friday before the walk. However, anyone who would like to participate can register in person at the walk from the time check-in begins until the walk starts. Registration is free and open to the public. Walk donations are accepted until December 31st.

Register HERE.

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Wine Tasting Fundraiser To Benefit Caroline House https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/charities/45564-wine-tasting-fundraiser-to-benefit-caroline-house45564-wine-tasting-fundraiser-to-benefit-caroline-house https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/charities/45564-wine-tasting-fundraiser-to-benefit-caroline-house45564-wine-tasting-fundraiser-to-benefit-caroline-house

Join Caroline House for a wine tasting fundraiser event held on Friday, November 16, 2018, 7 – 10 pm at The Penfield Pavilion, 323 Fairfield Beach Rd, Fairfield.

Enjoy a wide variety of wines and delicious hors d’oeuvres. Live music and auctions will be part of this incredible evening. Proceeds from the evening and a percentage of all wine orders placed that evening will benefit Caroline House. Special thanks to our event’s sponsors New Canaan Wine Merchants and A Dash of Salt Catering.

Tickets are $40 each and available at www.thecarolinehouse.org. This fundraiser event is open to the public but must be 21 years or older to attend. Business and individuals interested in sponsorship contact Christine Paine at cpaine@thecarolinehouse.org.

Caroline House is a literacy education center located on the East Side of Bridgeport, Connecticut. For over 22 years, Caroline House has served low-income women and children through English as a Second Language, life skills, citizenship, preschool, and children’s tutoring programs. Classes are held in a safe and welcoming environment to inspire confidence, hope, lifelong learning and achievement. For more information, visit www.thecarolinehouse.org

On this picture: (Left to right) Christina Bodine, Pam Iacono and Doreen Herron at the 2017 Wine Tasting event.

hramospaiz@thecarolinehouse.org (Helen Ramos) Charities Thu, 18 Oct 2018 10:54:01 -0400
King School Promotes Learning through Literacies, Hosts Open House on November 4 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45565-king-school-promotes-learning-through-literacies-hosts-open-house-on-november-445565-king-school-promotes-learning-through-literacies-hosts-open-house-on-november-4 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45565-king-school-promotes-learning-through-literacies-hosts-open-house-on-november-445565-king-school-promotes-learning-through-literacies-hosts-open-house-on-november-4

Editor's note: King School is hosting an Open House event for their Lower School on November 4! Arrive anytime between 1-4pm and check out King at your own pace! Register HERE.

King School Promotes Learning through Literacies

Literacy, as defined by Webster, means the state of being literate; to be educated, cultured, having knowledge or competency.  At King School, the definition of literacy goes even farther as the School looks to empower students as fully literate in the Age of Information.  Many educators today, including Sir Ken Robinson, argue for the value of cross-disciplinary learning through projects, inquiry, and collaboration. Amy Vorenberg, King’s Head of Lower School, agrees that “we must redefine how we build literacy skills at this time, taking seriously the responsibility to give children knowledge and competency in every area of schooling.”  With content all around us, with children having access to smartphones and other digital tools, Vorenberg states that it’s crucial to build a wider range of literacies that help children understand their world and master more complex skills.

While traditional literacy skills are important, today, equally important are skills to read and write in the digital age. Students at King learn to code because it is a new, essential language.  Seeing mathematics as another literacy means building foundational skills where children understand concepts behind the calculations. Hands-on activities allow children to manipulate materials and build models to gain deeper understanding.  “We don’t skim the surface and memorize at King,” Vorenberg explains, “we take time to explore, ask questions, make interesting observations, and develop deeper mastery.”

To be literate, one learns how to read and to write. King students are empowered to be fully literate, not only as readers, but also as writers who use a multitude of tools to express their understanding. Children become facile writers with pencils and pens, and with keyboards and digital tablets. They express their understandings as they “write” with paint brushes and building blocks. Speaking and listening to others help round out the literacies of learning, as we grow to appreciate a range of diverse ideas and opinions.

Dr. Lilian Katz, Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois and an expert in the field of elementary education, states “curriculum should help children make deeper and fuller understanding of their own experience.”  Vorenberg adds that “every learner at King brings incredibly interesting ideas and experiences to their learning. As a community that cares deeply about every child, teachers craft literacy experiences in every realm - academic and social – to build fully literate graduates who are ready for their learning journey!”

Dr. Katz suggests that school-age children should apply their developing basic literacy skills in purposeful ways. In King’s Lower School Makerspace, students get the tools and encouragement for this type of application. For example, after reading the book Stone Fox, Grade 3 students consider the book's characters and habitat. Then students collaborate, plan, strategize, and design prototypes of dog sled models. Students test and redesign the small-scale sleds to maximize qualities necessary for winning the race. At King, engaging a children as readers, scientists, mathematicians, and artists, through hands-on, purposeful problem solving, broadens and deepens learning.  Plus, importantly, it’s more fun to learn this way!

King’s Lower School Open House on Nov. 4 is truly open. Arrive anytime between 1:00-4:00 p.m. and explore the many elements of a King education at your own pace.


Register for the Open House HERE.

Learn more at www.kingschoolct.org 

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Ridgefield Film Festival Kicks Off, Pays Tribute to Joe Consentino https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45563-ridgefield-film-festival-kicks-off-pays-tribute-to-joe-consentino45563-ridgefield-film-festival-kicks-off-pays-tribute-to-joe-consentino https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45563-ridgefield-film-festival-kicks-off-pays-tribute-to-joe-consentino45563-ridgefield-film-festival-kicks-off-pays-tribute-to-joe-consentino

From October 18-21 the Ridgefield Independent Film Festival (RIFF) will showcase over 100 curated films from around the world! Peabody, Oscar, Tony, and Emmy award-winning filmmakers and actors will participate in this jam-packed four-day film extravaganza with something for everyone. Compelling dramas, thought-provoking documentaries, imaginative animated shorts, comedies, horror, sci-fi, and family-friendly fare. 

Tonight, Thursday, October 18 RIFF opens with WILDLIFE, actor Paul Dano’s (12 Years a Slave, Love & Mercy) directorial debut film, Wildlife which will be on screen at The Ridgefield Playhouse. 

Purchase tickets HERE.

Dano, a 2002 graduate of Wilton High School, in Connecticut, wrote the adapted screenplay along with Zoe Kazan from Richard Ford’s American classic. Wildlife starring Carey Mulligan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ed Oxenbourgh, and Bill Camp, centers on the story of a teenage boy who witnesses the decay of his parent’s marriage after their move to Montana.

This year’s festival pays tribute to the late Ridgefield resident and filmmaker Joe Consentino by establishing the Joe Consentino Emerging Filmmaker Award. Consentino, a former Boston Red Sox player, photographer, and director/producer/cinematographer is best known for the documentaries Baghdad Diary (2007) and Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story (1996), and the TV series “The Big Blue Marble.” He founded the Ridgefield Playhouse Film Society and was renown in the community for his dedication to the craft of filmmaking and supporting new directors.

Seven films—five narratives and two documentaries, by first-time feature filmmakers are in competition for the inaugural award: 2030 directed by Johnny Boston; Are You Glad I’m Here directed by Noor Gharzeddine; Dad is Pretty directed by Park-soo-min and Kim seung-hyeob; High Resolution directed by Jason Lester; Mary Goes Round directed by Molly McGlynn; The California No directed by Ned Ehrbar and Tre Maison Dasan directed by Dinali Tiller. Sandra Consentino will announce the winner of the award.

A Prosecco & Dessert Reception will follow the screening.

Tickets are on sale now at www.riffct.org.

WILDLIFE | Official Trailer | 2018 [HD]

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CT's Beardsley Zoo's Natt Family Red Panda Habitat Is Now Open to the Public https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45566-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-s-natt-family-red-panda-habitat-is-now-open-to-the-public45566-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-s-natt-family-red-panda-habitat-is-now-open-to-the-public https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45566-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-s-natt-family-red-panda-habitat-is-now-open-to-the-public45566-ct-s-beardsley-zoo-s-natt-family-red-panda-habitat-is-now-open-to-the-public

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo Director, Gregg Dancho, Board Member Bob Natt and the extended Natt family officially cut a red ribbon Oct. 13 and opened The Natt Family Red Panda Habitat to the public. The new habitat gives the Zoo’s Red pandas a spacious new home. The building was made possible by two substantial donations: from Bob and Helen Natt of Easton, and a matching grant for monies raised by supporter donations from the Werth Family Foundation. 

The new habitat for Rochan and Meri, the Zoo’s Red panda pair, offers guests viewing areas into the much larger living quarters, one into the outdoor exhibit and one into the building. The Red pandas, who prefer cooler temperatures, can choose to be in air conditioning in warm weather, and can enter and exit the building at their discretion. The new habitat features a yard landscaped with bamboo (Rochan and Meri eat approximately 2,000 bamboo leaves daily!), with plenty of treetop spots for sunbathing. 

Natt attributed his initial interest in building the Red panda habitat to a request from his grandchildren, and said,” The outcome is beyond anything we expected. The habitat is absolutely gorgeous. We’re very happy to have the opportunity to help the Zoo.” 

Dancho noted that the habitat was named for the Natt Family due to their extreme generosity. He thanked the Natts for their support, along with key members of the Zoo staff who worked on the building as it was designed and constructed, including Deputy Director Don Goff, Animal Curator Rob Tomas, and members of the Zoo’s board of directors. 

“The new habitat put animal welfare first, and gives the Red pandas free choice about whether to be outside or inside,” Dancho continued. “Part of our Zoo’s mission is working to protect endangered species and to educate our guests about them.” 

Originally a temporary visitor while his habitat at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Mass., was undergoing renovations, Rochan became a permanent member of the Zoo family in October, 2015. Meri, short for Meriadoc, arrived in February 2018 from the Brandywine Zoo in Delaware. Red pandas are vulnerable in the wild, with fewer than 10,000 adult Red pandas in existence. As a result, they are part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP), which manages specific, typically threatened or endangered species populations. Inter-regional transfers are managed by the SSP in the hope that successful breeding will take place. 

Natt, who is recently retired, was formerly Executive Chairman of Alegeus, a Boston-area based health care payments technology company.  

The Werth Family Foundation has repeatedly supported the Zoo through generous grants. Some of the programs they have underwritten include the Amur Leopard Exhibit, the Seasonal Country Fair Exhibit, and Zoo Educational Programs. 

About Red Pandas

Red pandas (Allurus fulgens fulgens)resemble raccoons, are solitary animals, and are nocturnal by nature. Like their larger and better-known black and white cousins, Red pandas primarily eat bamboo but will occasionally eat fruits, berries, young leaves, and certain tree bark. Rochan, which means “light,” “brilliant,” and “celebrated” in Hindi, is four years old, and weighs nearly 15 pounds. Meri, a three year old, was named for Meriadoc Brandybuck, a character in J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings. 

Red pandas are not true pandas, rather, they are a unique species whose name “panda” is derived from a Nepalese word, ”ponya,” meaning “eater of bamboo.” Like many in the Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo’s animal collection, the Red panda is threatened in the wild by territory loss and fragmentation, resource depletion, and are frequently hunted for their beautiful fur. 

About Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

Spend the day a world away! Connecticut's only zoo, celebrating its 96thanniversary, features 300 animals representing primarily North and South American species. Guests won't want to miss our Giant anteaters, Amur (Siberian) tigers and tiger cubs, Amur leopards, Brazilian ocelot, Red wolves, and Golden Lion tamarins. Other highlights include our South American rainforest with free-flight aviary, the prairie dog exhibit with "pop-up" viewing areas, the New England Farmyard with goats, pigs, sheep, and other barnyard critters, plus the hoofstock trail featuring bison, deer, and more. Guests can grab a bite at the Peacock Café, eat in the Picnic Grove, and enjoy a ride on our colorful carousel. For more information, visit beardsleyzoo.org.

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NYC Marathon Runners Take Heed: Stamford Marriott Special Marathon Weekend Offer https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45562-nyc-marathon-runners-take-heed-stamford-marriott-special-marathon-weekend-offer45562-nyc-marathon-runners-take-heed-stamford-marriott-special-marathon-weekend-offer https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45562-nyc-marathon-runners-take-heed-stamford-marriott-special-marathon-weekend-offer45562-nyc-marathon-runners-take-heed-stamford-marriott-special-marathon-weekend-offer

Participating in the NYC Marathon on November 4? Rest assured you’ll be race-day ready by staying at The Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa on Saturday, November 3.

The Stamford Marriott is a just 40-minute train ride to New York City the hotel is offering a special Marathon Weekend rate of $109.00. The Hotel knows you’re on the run so the rate includes complimentary parking plus a free Grab & Go Energy Bag before the big race!

The Stamford Marriott is conveniently located three minutes from the Stamford Train Station. Rise and shine on Sunday morning, lace up your sneakers, grab your Energy Bag, and head for the starting line.

Book your stay at the Stamford Marriott now by clicking here.

The Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa is located at 243 Tresser Boulevard, in the heart of downtown Stamford, combining New York City energy with New England charm.

kerry@ducey.org (HH) Places Wed, 17 Oct 2018 06:28:04 -0400
Stand Up for Homes with Hope with Comedian Nate Bargatze https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45561-stand-up-for-homes-with-hope-with-comedian-nate-bargatze45561-stand-up-for-homes-with-hope-with-comedian-nate-bargatze https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45561-stand-up-for-homes-with-hope-with-comedian-nate-bargatze45561-stand-up-for-homes-with-hope-with-comedian-nate-bargatze

Enjoy an evening of comedy at the 11th Annual Stand Up for Homes with Hope starring Nate Bargatze

Stand-up comedian Nate Bargatze is selling out shows across America. He has toured with Chris Rock (2017 Total Blackout Tour) and Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon's Clean Cut Comedy Tour), and currently has a deal with 20th Century Fox to develop his own TV show. Nate has made appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Conan. Recently, he was featured in the Netflix Special The Standups and had his own Comedy Central Presents. Nate has done live shows for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait, and regularly performs at Bonnaroo, SXSW, and Oddball Comedy Festival, to name a few.

Homes with Hope’s mission is to support the homeless and those at-risk of homelessness in the communities we serve. Our Continuum of Services includes case management services; a food pantry and soup kitchen; emergency shelters for single adults, families and young women aged 18 - 24; permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless; mentoring; youth education and the life skills training needed to prevent homelessness from reoccurring. 

All proceeds from the evening will support Homes with Hope, a Westport-based organization dedicated to ending homelessness in Fairfield County. 

info@hwhct.org (Homes with Hope) Events Tue, 16 Oct 2018 08:01:07 -0400
Up in Smoke: The Dangers of E-Cigarettes on November 14 in Weston https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45560-up-in-smoke-the-dangers-of-e-cigarettes45560-up-in-smoke-the-dangers-of-e-cigarettes https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45560-up-in-smoke-the-dangers-of-e-cigarettes45560-up-in-smoke-the-dangers-of-e-cigarettes

Come learn about the dangers associated with vaping and how to talk to your child about e-cigarettes and vapes at Weston Middle School Library on November 14 from 7 to 8pm.

Join prevention expert, Denique Weidema-Lewis of Positive Directions, for an interactive session as she walks you through:

- An overview of what e-cigarettes and vapes are

- Harmful effects of e-cigarettes and vapes

- Local and national youth data related to use

- Marijuana and e-cigarettes

- What you can do if you suspect your child is using.

Weston Middle School Library, 135 School Road in Weston, CT 06883

To register for this free event, visit: https://positivedirectionsupinsmoke.eventbrite.com

This program is held in collaboration with Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program of Weston.

jensoffayer@gmail.com (Positive Directions) Events Tue, 16 Oct 2018 07:58:49 -0400
CLASP Homes of Westport Concert on Friday https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/charities/45559-clasp-homes-concert45559-clasp-homes-concert https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/charities/45559-clasp-homes-concert45559-clasp-homes-concert

This Friday — October 19 at the Fairfield Theater Company — CLASP Homes of Westport will hold a fundraising concert.

Band Together, a group that plays exclusively for non-profits, will present an evening of Arena Rock — Heart, Joan Jett, Peter Frampton, Led Zep, Guns and Roses, even the Eagles and The Who. 

A great take for a worthy cause. 

Join us at 6:30 for light snacks provided by area restaurants. Make a $20 donation and choose a prize balloon containing a prize certificate for anything from a restaurant discount coupon to a ring one lucky participant won last year, auctioned off at the concert and donated all the proceeds to CLASP.

During a set break there will be an auction featuring an evening cruise for six with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on a 40’ boat and a private airplane sightseeing flight along the Fairfield County coast, courtesy of Three Wing Aviation, along with a few pieces of musical themed artwork done by CLASP residents.

CLASP offers homes and jobs for 85 people with autism and developmental disabilities in several group homes in and near Westport.

Come. Enjoy a great band with a big sound in an intimate setting. Support our mission. CLASP is a 501(c)(3), and all funds raised directly support CLASP and its programs.

Purchase tickets at: www.fairfieldtheatre.org. Only a few tickets left!!

To learn more about CLASP, click: www.clasphomes.org, and visit the CLASP Facebook page.

Band Together! Come. Enjoy the show. Support CLASP Homes of Westport!!

royfuchs@snet.net (Roy Fuchs) Charities Tue, 16 Oct 2018 07:57:04 -0400
Why Small Businesses Matter in Westport: M.EAT Organic Beef and Provisions https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45558-why-small-businesses-matter-in-westport-m-eat-organic-beef-and-provisions45558-why-small-businesses-matter-in-westport-m-eat-organic-beef-and-provisions https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45558-why-small-businesses-matter-in-westport-m-eat-organic-beef-and-provisions45558-why-small-businesses-matter-in-westport-m-eat-organic-beef-and-provisions

Why Small Businesses Matter

Shop small, do big things for your community

Why Small Businesses Matter puts a spotlight on the local merchants who donate their time, talent, goods, and services for the betterment of our community. The shop local movement spreads virally as local businesses who are “tagged” have the opportunity to share their story!

You're IT M.EAT Organic Beef and Provisions

Three questions with Todd Harkin, Operations Manager, Chef and Butcher at Organic Beef and Provisions

Finish this sentence in regard to your business. “I wish I could…”

I wish I could educate more people about the health benefits of certified organic beef and all natural products and share our mission of “Making Organic Product Affordable”. There is no middleman in our operation, and that is how we keep our prices so low.

Best selling product/service?

We strive to offer the best service and provide any information we can on our products and even share recipes and tips on how to prepare our beef. Our best selling product would definitely be the RIBEYE!

How many local businesses do you use to support your business (products and services) and can you name them?

We have 4 restaurants we service in Westport:

  • Tavern on Main
  • 190 Bar & Restaurant
  • Rothbard Ale + Larder
  • The Boathouse

We provide for restaurants and Markets from New Haven all the way up to Manhattan and Brooklyn!

M.EAT Organic Beef and Provisions is located at 29 Church Lane, Westport, CT 

Learn more about Organic Beef and Provisions

kerry@ducey.org (HH) Places Fri, 12 Oct 2018 13:48:28 -0400
The Fine Art of Art Restoration: Causes and Remedies at Westport Historical Society https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45554-the-fine-art-of-art-restoration-causes-and-remedies45554-the-fine-art-of-art-restoration-causes-and-remedies https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45554-the-fine-art-of-art-restoration-causes-and-remedies45554-the-fine-art-of-art-restoration-causes-and-remedies

Join us at Westport Historical Society on Sunday, Nov. 4, from 3 to 4 pm to learn about art restoration.

Troy Fine Art Services, Inc. provides fine art services specializing in Art Restoration, Conservation and Art Installation to private individuals, and collectors as well as museums and corporations. Troy Amuso will take you on a descriptive and visual journey of the environmental and self-causing effects that can deteriorate a painting requiring it to need restoration. Through his presentation, you’ll learn some of the age old remedies and specific approaches a Master Conservator uses to return a painting to good health.

Before launching Troy Fine Art Services, Inc. in 1997, Troy began as a studio apprentice, under highly respected Dutch art conservator, Yan Vanderviver. Under Mr Vanderviver’s direction Troy honed his studio and restoration skills from a true master of the craft. He would eventually go on to become Mr. Vanderviver’s number one assistant in the preservation of master art works for private collectors, as well as some of the most prestigious art institutions in the country. Troy studied fine art at Pace University and the School of Visual Arts in New York, and went on to hold positions at high-level restoration studios, conservation framing studio’s and galleries in New York, Connecticut and Los Angeles.

Online pre-registration $8 for members, $12 for non-members. At the door, $10 suggested admission for members, $15 for non-members. $5 for students (with ID), No charge for children 12 and under.

Reservations are recommended, register at www.westporthistory.org or call (203) 222-1424 x5.

To learn more about Troy Fine Arts Services visit TroyFineArt.com

bpeck@westporthistory.org (Barbara Peck) Events Thu, 11 Oct 2018 12:38:10 -0400
HAN Network Ceases Publication of Five Local Newspapers https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45556-han-network-ceases-publication-of-five-local-newspapers45556-han-network-ceases-publication-of-five-local-newspapers https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45556-han-network-ceases-publication-of-five-local-newspapers45556-han-network-ceases-publication-of-five-local-newspapers

Publisher and CEO of HAN Network Martin V. Hersam has announced that several of the company's newspapers will cease to operate: the Weston Forum, the Redding Pilot, the Easton Courier, Monroe Courier and the Stratford Star.

"Due to economic forces buffeting our industry we are rescaling our business again.  The recent volatility of the newsprint market made our options clear,” said Martin V. Hersam. "The best efforts of our incredible staff and years of strategic planning, retooling and restructuring we could not overcome the economic realities of tepid advertising and subscriber interest in this market. We just could not sustain a publishing business here any longer,” he continued.

The company will continue to publish weekly newspapers including Darien Times, New Canaan Advertiser, Wilton Bulletin, Ridgefield Press, Milford Mirror, Trumbull Times and Shelton Herald.

In addition to the closings of the Forum, Pilot and Courier, Hersam said the Monroe Courier and the Stratford Star are being closed as well.
"Unfortunately, we could not operate at a financial loss here any longer,” said Hersam.

Mail subscribers inquiring about refunds are asked to login to: https://goo.gl/forms/ady3mzkuedqWlW7h1

Subscribers may also email: hancirculation@gmail.com or call: 203-293-9744


kerry@ducey.org (HH) Life Thu, 11 Oct 2018 10:23:49 -0400
UCONN Professor and Wildlife Expert to Speak in Westport https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45555-uconn-professor-and-wildlife-expert-to-speak-in-westport45555-uconn-professor-and-wildlife-expert-to-speak-in-westport https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45555-uconn-professor-and-wildlife-expert-to-speak-in-westport45555-uconn-professor-and-wildlife-expert-to-speak-in-westport

UCONN Professor Set To Speak Nov. 14 at Aspetuck Land Trust Talk Exploring
Why are people seeing more and more black bears, bobcats and other large mammals in Connecticut these days?
That’s the focus of a special talk by wildlife expert Dr. Tracy Rittenhouse sponsored by Aspetuck Land Trust on Wednesday, Nov. 14, 7:30 p.m. at the Unitarian Church, 10 Lyons Plains Road, Westport.
Admission is free to members of Aspetuck Land Trust with a $5 suggested donation for non-members. A dessert reception will follow the talk. Seating is limited. Those planning to attend should RSVP by Nov.  1 to Alice Cooney at RSVP@Aspetuck LandTrust.org or  203.260.4737.
Dr. Rittenhouse, Associate Professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of Connecticut, will talk about her four-year research project studying Connecticut’s growing black bear populations and her ongoing bobcat research project. 
Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection reports there were 2,251 bear sightings and 3,249 bobcat sightings in Connecticut in 2017.  Dr. Rittenhouse’s research estimates there are as many as 700 individual bears—adults and cubs—currently living in Connecticut.
“Back in the late 1800s, almost all forest in Connecticut had been logged and removed for agriculture, fuel and construction. Large mammals, such as deer, bear, and bobcat became rare here. Over the last 100 or so years, there has been significant forest regrowth in Connecticut and strong laws regulating hunting. Consequently, today we have an enhanced habitat for large animals,” according to Dr. Rittenhouse.
Dr. Rittenhouse’s talk is the 2018 edition of Aspetuck Land Trust’s Haskin Lecture Series which honors noted scientists Caryl and Edna Haskins. The couple bequeathed their Westport estate on Green Acre lane to the Aspetuck Land Trust in 2002 creating the 16 acre preserve named after them.
The Aspetuck Land Trust (ALT) is a local non-profit land conservation organization founded in 1966 to preserve open space in the towns of Westport, Weston, Fairfield and Easton. ALT preserves provide passive recreation and educational opportunities for people to learn about and enjoy nature, while preserving the flora and fauna and rural characteristics of local communities. ALT maintains 45 trailed nature preserves and other conservation-only properties on over 1,800 acres of land. More than 1,000 individual members support the organization through annual membership contributions.  For more information visit www.aspetucklandtrust.org
Photo caption: 
BEAR EXPERT TO SPEAK-- UCONN wildlife expert Dr. Tracy Rittenhouse will speak Wednesday Nov. 14 at 7:30 pm at an Aspetuck Land Trust event at the Unitarian Church in Westport. Admission is free to trust members with a $5 donation suggested for non-members. Please reserve seats at RSVP@AspetuckLandTrust.org The adult bear under study in this photo was briefly tranquilized by state DEEP staff while a GPS collar was changed before the bear and family were returned to the wild.


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Westport's Whip Salon welcomes Quinn to their team! https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45553-whip-salon-welcomes-quinn-to-their-team45553-whip-salon-welcomes-quinn-to-their-team https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45553-whip-salon-welcomes-quinn-to-their-team45553-whip-salon-welcomes-quinn-to-their-team

The Whip Salon Team in Westport is Growing!

Please help us welcome Quinn who is joining the Whip Salon Westport team this Thursday as an experienced hair cutting specialist. If he looks familiar -- it's because he's been based right here in Westport. He focuses on cutting services for ladies, guys and kids too but also brings incredible styling skills from blowouts to bridal! He's passionate about what he does and says he can't wait to welcome you to his new home in Bedford Square.

BOOK WITH QUINN online download the app or call 678-WHIPPED.

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First Annual Smart Walk for Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities Takes Off at Sherwood Island State Park https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45551-smart-kids-with-learning-disabilities45551-smart-kids-with-learning-disabilities https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45551-smart-kids-with-learning-disabilities45551-smart-kids-with-learning-disabilities

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, the Westport-based nonprofit, will hold its First Annual Smart Walk for Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, Sunday, October 21 with registration starting at 12 p.m. at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport.

A breakthrough community event and the only one of its kind in the region, the Walk will celebrate the strengths and talents of young people with learning disabilities and ADHD, reject the stigma long attached to these issues, and empower parents. The event will raise awareness and funds for the organization’s educational programs, youth mentoring, parent networking, and extensive resources to help families find the support their children need to be successful in school and in life.

Registration is available in advance at  https://smartwalkforskld.dojiggy.com/. The entry fee is $15 per person; there is no charge for children under 5. Individuals, families, and teams are welcome to walk the approximate 1.5-mile scenic route at their own pace. Additional activities include a photo booth, children’s crafts, games, and face painting plus music by local school groups featuring the empowering song, “This Is Me,” by Golden Globe award-winning composer Justin Paul, who grew up in Westport. The event will be held rain or shine, and parking is free.

Robert Tudisco, a nationally-known disability rights attorney with Barger & Gaines, author, and motivational speaker, will serve as MC. “Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities provides so much information and support for families, so please join us to support a great cause,” said Tudisco, an adult diagnosed with ADHD and former member of the National Board of Directors of Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD).

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities relies on parent volunteers to whom the organization has provided life-changing support to help produce educational programs and events in many Connecticut communities. Shannon Rabbett, whose son with dyslexia struggled during his first years in school, is now a Hartford chapter leader. “As I coordinate meetings for Smart Kids and meet other parents who are in the same shoes I was in just a few years ago, choking back tears, searching for answers to help their children, I know that they’ve come to the right place,” said Rabbett.

The most recent data from 2016 – 2017 (Connecticut State Department of Education) shows almost 26,000 children in Connecticut diagnosed with specific learning disabilities and nearly 15,000 with other health-related impairments, including ADHD for a total of over 40,500, or 59 percent of children identified for special education in the state. The International Dyslexia Association estimates that 10 percent of school-aged children are dyslexic, and according to the 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health, 6.1 million youngsters were diagnosed with ADHD. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), 18 percent of students with learning disabilities are likely to drop out of high school, three times the rate of their peers.

About Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities

Founded in 2000 by Westport resident Jane Ross, executive director, Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities has since grown to include chapters in Stamford/Greenwich, Westport/Wilton, Northern Fairfield County, and Hartford. Its mission is to educate, guide, and inspire parents of children with learning disabilities and ADHD. SKLD helps parents realize their children’s significant gifts and talents, and shows that with their love, guidance, and the right support, their children can live happy and productive lives. The organization provides an award-winning website and blog, free e-newsletter, and educational programs and support so parents can be effective advocates for their children. For more information, visit www.smartkidswithld.org

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities is grateful for the support of its gold sponsors: Fusion Academy Greenwich and Fairfield, and The Canell Group at J. P Morgan Securities; silver sponsors: Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes of Darien, The Southport School and Winston Preparatory School; bronze sponsors: Barger & Gaines, Center for Pediatric Therapy, Links Academy, The Pinnacle School, the Starfish Foundation and Timberlake Camps, and The Windward School; activities sponsors: Maserati of Westport and Sensory Kids; snack sponsors: Trader Joe’s and RXBAR; and media sponsors Westport Magazine/Moffly Media, WSHU and Macaroni Kid.


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