Westport's HamletHub https://news.hamlethub.com/westport Thu, 21 Feb 2019 20:54:27 -0500 HamletHub.com Tuesday Treasures at Westport Historical Society https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45794-tuesday-treasures-at-westport-historical-society45794-tuesday-treasures-at-westport-historical-society https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45794-tuesday-treasures-at-westport-historical-society45794-tuesday-treasures-at-westport-historical-society

Ever see “Mysteries at the Museum” or “Night at the Museum”? Now’s your chance to see the highlights of your very own local museum! Join the staff of the historical society from 6 to 7 pm, the first Tues. of each month starting in March. WHS will showcase objects from our collection not normally on public view. See and hear the stories behind some of the most unique, mysterious and impactful artifacts in our community.

Online pre-registration $8 for members, $12 for non-members. At the door $10 for members, $15 for non-members. Students $5 with ID. No charge for children 5 and under.

Reservations are recommended, register online or call (203) 222-1424 x5. Tickets are nonrefundable.

2019 Schedule: March 5th , April 2nd, May 7th, June 4th, September 3rd, October 1st, November 5th and December 3rd

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Why Small Businesses Matter in Westport: The Visual Brand https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45799-why-small-businesses-matter-in-westport-the-visual-brand45799-why-small-businesses-matter-in-westport-the-visual-brand https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45799-why-small-businesses-matter-in-westport-the-visual-brand45799-why-small-businesses-matter-in-westport-the-visual-brand

Why Small Businesses Matter

Shop small, do big things for your community

Why Small Businesses Matter puts a spotlight on the local merchants who donate their time, talent, goods, and services for the betterment of our community. The shop local movement spreads virally as local businesses who are “tagged” have the opportunity to share their story.

You're IT The Visual Brand!

Three questions with Randy Herbertson, owner of The Visual Brand (TVB)

Why did you start your business?

I've lived in Westport for 20 years and always commuted to NYC.  When I sold a previous studio in Manhattan,  I decided it did not matter if we were located there, as our clients are everywhere.

So, we started anew in a cool, converted historic building right in downtown Westport. It's been great to find terrific talent and other resources close to home.

I started TVB (and my previous studio) to create a boutique but end-to-end marketing and innovation practice, from insights and brand strategy to full-service creative development.  Innovation is at our core (new products and services) which often utilizes all our practice areas.

What is your best selling product/service?

We are always working on at least a few innovations, from CPG products to renewable energy services. These often entail doing constituent insights to get started, what we call a "brand foundation" which builds the core positioning and communication strategy (which we also use for existing businesses and brands), and the creative expression, which takes the form of anything from product renders to video.

In addition to this work, we also do a lot of core creative work, from advertising to infographic/information design.  We also have an in-house photo and video studio and team, and frequently do studio and location work in this area. 

How many people do you employ? Any youth or seniors from the community?

Our team of sixteen is made up of strategists and copywriters, designers and producers.  We also have a very strong commitment to young talent development, so we have a very robust internship program geared to designers and general practice.  Almost all our interns today come from Connecticut schools or are from the area if they spend their summer break with us (our summer program is full-time.)  We work with local businesses whenever possible - from our wonderful print partner, GWay in Norwalk, to local stores and restaurants whenever we are prepping for a shoot or catering on set.

Click here to view some fairly recent photos of our space.  It is always a work in progress!

 The Visual Brand is located at 56 Church Lane in Westport. Visit them online here or email randy@thevisualbrand.com.

HamletHub thanks Fairfield County Bank for making our Why Small Businesses Matter series possible!


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Connecticut Brewers Guild Eager to Work with State Lawmakers on Creating More Local Jobs https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45798-connecticut-brewers-guild-eager-to-work-with-state-lawmakers-on-creating-more-local-jobs-155069162745798-connecticut-brewers-guild-eager-to-work-with-state-lawmakers-on-creating-more-local-jobs-1550691627 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45798-connecticut-brewers-guild-eager-to-work-with-state-lawmakers-on-creating-more-local-jobs-155069162745798-connecticut-brewers-guild-eager-to-work-with-state-lawmakers-on-creating-more-local-jobs-1550691627

The Connecticut Brewers Guild wants to increase awareness on their eagerness to continue working closely with state lawmakers and others to help the booming craft brew industry to create even more good-paying jobs, bolster local craft beer production, and to increase direct-to-consumer sales.

Phil Pappas, the executive director of the Connecticut Brewers Guild -- which is the leading organization in the state with a mission to protect and promote independent Connecticut craft breweries -- said that a lot of progress has been made in recent years, but there’s a lot more work to be done to ensure the industry continues to grow and thrive statewide.

“In 2012, when the Connecticut Brewers Guild was founded, there were around 12 craft breweries statewide,” said Pappas. “Now, our state’s booming craft brewery scene has more than 85 operational breweries with many more in the planning stages. These craft breweries -- all of which are independently owned -- employ over 4,600 people statewide, produce more than 166,000 barrels of locally brewed craft beer, and contribute to an overall economic impact of $746 million annually.”

Breweries in the Westport area include:

Name Location Phone Websitetest
Aspetuck Brew Labs 3389 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport (203) 540-5555 www.aspetuckbrewlab.com
Athletic Brewing Company 350 Long Beach Blvd, Stratford (203) 273-0422 www.AthleticBrewing.com
BADSONS Beer Co 251 Roosevelt Dr, Derby (203) 308-2654 www.badsoons.com
Beaver Beer Co 307 Greens Farms Rd, Westport www.beaverbeer.com
Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery 5 Depot Pl, Bethel (203) 731-1735 http://www.brokensymmetrybrew.com/
Charter Oak Brewing Company 39B Shelter Rock Road https://www.charteroakbrewing.com/
Dockside Waterfront Biergarten and Brewery Milford
Fairfield Craft Ales 724 Honeyspot Rd, Stratford (203) 296-2530 www.fairfieldcraftales.com
Half Full Brewery 43 Homestead Ave, Stamford (203) 274-8788 www.halffullbrewery.com
Hammer & Nail Brewing Trumbull (203) 240-4987 www.HammerNailBrewing.com
Iron Brewing Company 136 Washington St, Norwalk (203) 354-4010 www.ironbrewing.com
Lock City Brewing 54 Research Dr, Stamford (203) 313-6454 www.lockcitybrewing.com
Milford Point Brewing Company 230 Woodmont Rd., Milford, CT https://milfordpointbrewing.com/
Nod Hill Brewery 137 Ethan Allen Hwy, Ridgefield (203) 617-1191 www.nodhillbrewery.com
Reverie Brewing Company Newtown reveriebrewing.com
The Redding Beer Company 7 Main St, Redding (203) 587-9000 www.reddingbeer.com
Two Roads Brewing Co 1700 Stratford Ave, Stratford 203.335.2010 www.tworoadsbrewing.com
Veracious Brewing Company 246 Main St, Monroe (203) 880-5670 www.veraciousbrewing.com

Pappas added: “Connecticut’s growing craft beer industry has been helped by state lawmakers providing a relatively healthy regulatory environment. We thank state lawmakers for their support to date, and now more than ever -- in an increasingly competitive state-by-state landscape -- we need a renewed commitment to strengthen our industry, which is a bright spot in Connecticut’s economy. Moving forward, we hope to work with state lawmakers and others to create even more local jobs, increase local craft beer production, and drive additional direct-to-consumer sales.”

This year, Connecticut craft breweries experienced a small win after two legislators proposed bills that were anti-craft brewery growth (P.B. 742 and P.B. 6658). After immense public pressure, and within 48 hours of them being posted to the Connecticut General Assembly’s website (www.cga.gov), the two lawmakers withdrew their names from each proposal.

“As the 2019 legislative session kicks into high gear, independently owned craft breweries look forward to working with business leaders and elected officials from across the state,” said Pappas. “We also look forward to working with representatives from the wholesaler, distributor, retailer, brewpub, and restaurant communities, to positively impact our state’s small businesses and economy both today and tomorrow.”

Pappas added: “Our Connecticut Brewers Guild members strive every single day to produce the highest quality, best-tasting craft beer in the market. We consistently seek out ways to improve our product, utilize locally sourced ingredients, generate jobs, support local businesses while cultivating fun experiences for customers on-premise and off-premise.”

About the Connecticut Craft Brewers Guild

Founded in 2012, the goal of the CT Brewers Guild is to further promote our local breweries, move forward on Guild Member initiatives that foster profitability, and increase public awareness of all in-state breweries and legislative actions. As of 2017, Connecticut craft breweries employ over 4,600 people statewide, produce more than 166,000 barrels of beer, contributing to an overall economic impact of $746 million annually. To learn more, visit www.connecticut.beer.

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WHS Ale to the Chief Event on February 22 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45797-whs-ale-to-the-chief-event-fri-feb-2245797-whs-ale-to-the-chief-event-fri-feb-22 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45797-whs-ale-to-the-chief-event-fri-feb-2245797-whs-ale-to-the-chief-event-fri-feb-22

Westport, CT - Westport Historical Society invites you to toast President Washington on his 287th birthday with his favorite libation and nibbles! Join the WHS as they serve ale made from Washington’s own recipe, as well as Madeira– his drink of choice, food he would have enjoyed, and more! 

WHS Presidential Ale produced courtesy of Full Moon Brewing and Charter Oaks Brewing Company and Madeira wine, courtesy of Black Bear Wine & Spirits. Food prepared from colonial recipes by Westport’s own Four Brothers restaurant.  
Friday, February 22, 2019
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm





kerry@ducey.org (Westport Historical Society) Events Wed, 20 Feb 2019 08:26:19 -0500
Saugatuck Socials at Westport Historical Society https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45795-saugatuck-socials-at-westport-historical-society45795-saugatuck-socials-at-westport-historical-society https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45795-saugatuck-socials-at-westport-historical-society45795-saugatuck-socials-at-westport-historical-society

The Westport Historical Society began in Saugatuck in 1889. We invite you to join us from 6 to 7 pm on any or all 4 evenings (see schedule below) to share stories, poems, historic essays and music with the rest of our community. Members will read interesting historical documents aloud or shared local stories. Listen as others present original works or pre-selected pieces from history such as the Declaration of Independence or the Gettysburg Address.

Our 2019 schedule is Thursday, March 14 Women’s History, Thursday, June 6 D-Day, Thursday, September 26 and Friday, December 19 – Yule Stories.

For this month’s gathering, we’ll perform arguments both for and against women’s suffrage, featuring actors Kimberly Wilson and Greg Poretta.

Online pre-registration $8 for members, $12 for non-members. At the door $10 for members, $15 for non-members. Students $5 with ID. No charge for children 5 and under.

Reservations are recommended, register online or call (203) 222-1424 x5. Tickets are nonrefundable. Light refreshments will be served.

bpeck@westporthistory.org (Barbara Peck) Events Tue, 19 Feb 2019 12:53:22 -0500
On February 28, 430 Fairfield County Nonprofits Will Appeal to Your Kindness https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/charities/45796-on-february-28-430-fairfield-county-nonprofits-will-appeal-to-your-kindness45796-on-february-28-430-fairfield-county-nonprofits-will-appeal-to-your-kindness https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/charities/45796-on-february-28-430-fairfield-county-nonprofits-will-appeal-to-your-kindness45796-on-february-28-430-fairfield-county-nonprofits-will-appeal-to-your-kindness

Fairfield County’s Giving Day is Just A Few Days Away

Uniting the community to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors is the goal of Fairfield County’s Giving Day 2019. In just a few days, the region’s largest and most exciting and impactful philanthropic event will take place.  At the stroke of midnight on February 28th and for the next 24 hours, 430 nonprofits throughout the region will be reaching out to you seeking to encourage your donations, create awareness about the amazing work they do and compete for over $100,000 in cash prizes ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.  

Powered by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, Giving Day 2019 is celebrating its sixth year and has become an annual opportunity when a donation of as little as $10 benefits nonprofits across the region.  Fairfield County nonprofits provide a safety net for our most vulnerable residents, increase access to housing and educational opportunities for youth and adults, enrich Fairfield County with arts and culture and much more.

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, with champion sponsor Bank of America and a host of partners and sponsors, are Giving Day’sdriving forces. “Fairfield County Giving Day is an incredible opportunity to unite our neighbors, colleagues and partners to benefit local nonprofits,” said Bill Tommins, Southern Connecticut Market President, Bank of America.  “As a proud sponsor since its inception, Bank of America is committed to supporting hundreds of vital organizations that serve as the cornerstones of our communities.”

The excitement of Giving Day officially begins on February 28th, when individuals go to FCGives.org and make donations of $10 or more to the nonprofit or cause closest to their heart. Giving Day is a unique opportunity for every one of us to do something good for the community and our neighbors.

As a result of the community’s enthusiasm and generosity over the past five years, Fairfield County Giving Day has raised nearly $6 million for more than 746 nonprofits. “We have only a few short days to go until Giving Day 2019! The countdown is on and it is thrilling! The Community Foundation, the incredible nonprofit participants, our outstanding partners and sponsors in the business and media communities and all the individuals who care about our community and donate to their favorite causes make this day a whirlwind of possibilities,” states Juanita James, CEO and President, Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. “Giving Day is truly that one special day when we all unite for a greater good. Remember, together we thrive!” 

If you can’t wait until February 28th to help your favorite nonprofit, you have until 11:59 pm ET on February 22, 2019 to enter the WHY I GIVE! Contest by creating a video and help your favorite nonprofits today. Entering is easy. Here’s how WHY I GIVE works:

1.     Using your smartphone or other video recorder, create a short video of 60 seconds or less sharing your heartfelt message about WHY YOU GIVE to your favorite local nonprofit participating in Fairfield County’s Giving Day 2019. Be sure to mention only ONE nonprofit per video. For a list of participating nonprofits, http://www.FCGives.org.

2.     Upload the video to your Facebook page and in the body of your post be sure to include the following tags and hashtag:
• Use the hashtag #WhyIGive19
• Tag the nonprofit you mention in your video if they are on Facebook
• Tag Fairfield County’s Community Foundation (@fccfoundation)

3.     Spread the word! Get your Facebook fans and followers to “Like” your video. The video with the most likes will win!

The eligible video entry which receives the most “likes” on Facebook will receive a special $2,500 grant, courtesy of Bank of America.

Giving Day 2019’s partners and sponsors join Fairfield County’s Community Foundation’s fundraising 24-hour marathon to empower the community at large and encourage local philanthropy. Fairfield County’s Community Foundation is proud to partner with champion sponsor, Bank of America, for the sixth year in a row. Giving Day’s Media Partner – Hearst Connecticut Media Group and media sponsors including Moffly Media; Star 99.9 and 95.9 the Fox; Hamlet Hub; Barrett Outdoor and News12 Connecticut; Neighborhood sponsors including NEWMAN’s OWN Foundation and Stop & Shop; Power Hour sponsor, The Jeniam Foundation and Town Square sponsors including Neuberger Berman; Webster Private Bank; Day Pitney; First County Bank and Insperity and Event sponsors, The Klein Memorial Auditorium, Source Coffeehouse and Ratatouille & Co are dedicated to the greater community of nonprofits in Fairfield County and powers the success of Giving Day. 

With over $100,000 in prizes at stake for Fairfield County’s Giving Day 2019, everyone is encouraged to visit FCGives.org, again and again, to help their favorite nonprofit win and win BIG. Fairfield County, get ready to “give where you live”! Your gift – whatever the size – will help nonprofits. Set your alarm for midnight on February 28th and tell your family, friends and co-workers to join us!

kerry@ducey.org (Helen Koven) Charities Tue, 19 Feb 2019 11:02:38 -0500
Westport Area Florists and Landscapers will be Represented at the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45793-westport-area-florists-and-landscapers-will-be-represented-at-the-connecticut-flower-garden-show-155059690345793-westport-area-florists-and-landscapers-will-be-represented-at-the-connecticut-flower-garden-show-1550596903 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45793-westport-area-florists-and-landscapers-will-be-represented-at-the-connecticut-flower-garden-show-155059690345793-westport-area-florists-and-landscapers-will-be-represented-at-the-connecticut-flower-garden-show-1550596903

The Connecticut Flower and Garden Show will take place from February 21 through February 24 at Connecticut Convention Center

Spring arrives in February at the Connecticut Convention Center! Explore over 300 booths overflowing with fresh flowers, plants, herbs, bulbs, seeds, gardening books, garden equipment & much more. View beautifully landscaped gardens and stop by the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut design & horticulture competition. We also offer over 80 hours of seminars and demonstrations across a variety of topics. There will also be over 80 hours of seminars and demonstrations. Bring your families along as there are plenty of things to do for all ages!

Come and support the local florists and landscapers in the Westport area that will be present.  Below is a list of a few of them:

Type Company City
Exhibitor Connecticut Gardener Magazine Greens Farms
Exhibitor Southern Belle Products, LLC Redding

Click here for a list of exhibitors.

The times for the event are:

  • February 21-24, 2019
  • Thursday: 10a – 7p
  • Friday: 10a – 8p
  • Saturday: 10a – 8p
  • Sunday: 10a – 5p

Tickets are only available at the door. Prices are as follows:

  • $18 – Adult General Admission
  • $16 – Seniors (Thursday & Friday Only)
  • $5 – Children 5-12
  • FREE – Children under 5

Connecticut Convention Center is located at 100 Columbus Blvd in Hartford, CT. Learn more about this colorful show here.

cronmpuser@hamlethub.com (CT Flower Show) Events Tue, 19 Feb 2019 06:29:42 -0500
Westport's Whip Salon Hair-Raiser on Sunday Supports Make-A-Wish Foundation https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/charities/45792-westport-s-whip-salon-hair-raiser-on-sunday-supports-make-a-wish-foundation45792-westport-s-whip-salon-hair-raiser-on-sunday-supports-make-a-wish-foundation https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/charities/45792-westport-s-whip-salon-hair-raiser-on-sunday-supports-make-a-wish-foundation45792-westport-s-whip-salon-hair-raiser-on-sunday-supports-make-a-wish-foundation

Whip Salon in Westport will host a Hair-Raiser this Sunday, February 24 to support Make-A-Wish Foundation

#LOCALLOVE Get any haircut, color or blowout service on 2.24 and Whip Salon Westport will donate 10% of your service to Make-A-Wish.
Make-A-Wish is an organization that strives to create miracles and grant wishes for children diagnosed with critical illnesses. 
BOOK NOW for an appointment and make your contribution to this important organization.
Learn more about Make-A-Wish here.


kerry@ducey.org (Whip Salon ) Charities Tue, 19 Feb 2019 06:26:05 -0500
Community Invited to STEM Saturday at Landmark Preschool in Westport https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45791-community-invited-to-stem-saturday-at-landmark-preschool-in-westport45791-community-invited-to-stem-saturday-at-landmark-preschool-in-westport https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45791-community-invited-to-stem-saturday-at-landmark-preschool-in-westport45791-community-invited-to-stem-saturday-at-landmark-preschool-in-westport

Landmark Preschool in Westport Announces STEM Saturday 

The community is invited to attend Landmark's STEM event on Saturday, March 2 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. The fun filled morning of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math will offer mental STEM-ulation for your preschool-age child.
Children will explore our classrooms where they can program our "Cubetto" robots, Code-A-Pillars, and Osmos, play fun math games, engineer amazing structures, and more! This is a great opportunity to meet our teachers and see first-hand how they integrate STEM into preschool learning.

This event is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC!
We invite you to bring a friend!
Learn more and RSVP here.

Learning STEM at Landmark Preschool

kerry@ducey.org (HH) Events Tue, 19 Feb 2019 06:18:16 -0500
A Journey Musical One-Woman Show https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45780-a-journey-musical-one-woman-show45780-a-journey-musical-one-woman-show https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/events/45780-a-journey-musical-one-woman-show45780-a-journey-musical-one-woman-show

 “A JOURNEY…” by Kimberly Wilson is an intimate look at the African American experience told through the eyes of African American women as performed by one woman, professional actress and singer Kimberly Wilson. This will be presented by Westport Historical Society on Thursday, March 7, from 6 to 8:15 pm.

A Westport resident, Ms. Wilson skillfully tells of the struggles and influence of Black womanhood with strength, dignity and pride and in perfect lockstep with the history of the United States.  Eight women, eight pivotal generations, present to you their stories through song, movement and dialogue and how ultimately their faith, hope, and calling help shape the America we know today. Joyful celebrations and painful reflections are rendered artistically to tell a story of persistence and courage and how womanhood, not always intricately woven into the tapestry of American history, is the thread that holds together the fabric of American life.  

Included in this journey are historical reflections from a Native African Queen, an Enslaved Woman, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, and Westport’s own Lyzette Hyde Monroe and more. 

Tickets:  $10 for members, $15 for non-members. Day of price: $20 

Reservations are recommended, purchase tickets online or call (203) 222-1424 x5.

bpeck@westporthistory.org (Barbara Peck) Events Tue, 19 Feb 2019 06:15:14 -0500
Connecticut Team Led by UConn Health and The Hartford Wins Grant to Help Disabled Workers https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/politics/45790-connecticut-team-led-by-uconn-health-and-the-hartford-wins-grant-to-help-disabled-workers-155053864245790-connecticut-team-led-by-uconn-health-and-the-hartford-wins-grant-to-help-disabled-workers-1550538642 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/politics/45790-connecticut-team-led-by-uconn-health-and-the-hartford-wins-grant-to-help-disabled-workers-155053864245790-connecticut-team-led-by-uconn-health-and-the-hartford-wins-grant-to-help-disabled-workers-1550538642

11% of Connecticut residents (389,368) are estimated to have a disability according to the 2013-2017 American Community Survey. Sadly, the ACS estimates that only 24.6% of Connecticut residents with disabilities age 16 and over are employed, vs. 68.3% of Connecticut residents without disabilities that are employed.

In Westport 7.7% of the population, or 2117 residents are estimated to have a disability. Of the 2117 Westport residents with a disability, the ACS estimates 612 have hearing difficulty, 203 have vision difficulty, 928 have cognitive difficulty, 810 have ambulatory difficulty, 490 have a self-care difficulty, and 836 have an independent living difficulty.  (The total amount is greater than the number of residents since many residents have more than one difficulty.)

According to US Department of Labor Studies, each year, millions of American workers leave the workforce after experiencing an injury or illness, and there are tremendous repercussions. Many injured workers could remain in their jobs or the workforce if they received timely, effective help. Recognizing the importance of giving workers with disabilities economically sustainable alternatives to Federal disability benefits, the US  President's 2018 and 2019 proposed budgets support early intervention demonstrations. ODEP, the Employment and Training Administration, and the Social Security Administration developed the RETAIN initiative — Retaining Employment and Talent After Injury/Illness Network — to test the impact of early intervention projects on SAW/RTW outcomes.

A team from Connecticut applied for and won a grant to perform a RETAIN Demonstration Project. The $2.1 Million grant is for an 18 month Phase 1 Pilot concentrating around the area of the Capitol Region. The team was led by UConn Health and The Hartford, and included the CT Department of Labor, The Office of Workforce Competitiveness, Capital Workforce Partners, The CT Department of Rehabilitation Services, and the CT Business Leadership Network.

According to the Department of Labor, at the end of Phase 1, a subset of the Phase 1 awardees may be competitively awarded up to $19,750,000 each to fully implement their projects in Phase 2. Phase 2 will span 42 months, including 30 months for project implementation and 12 months for close-out and final assessment activities.

cronmpuser@hamlethub.com (Scott Schmidt) Politics Mon, 18 Feb 2019 14:41:18 -0500
Go Green or Go Home! St. Patrick’s Day in the Nutmeg State https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45789-go-green-or-go-home-st-patrick-s-day-in-the-nutmeg-state-155052242045789-go-green-or-go-home-st-patrick-s-day-in-the-nutmeg-state-1550522420 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45789-go-green-or-go-home-st-patrick-s-day-in-the-nutmeg-state-155052242045789-go-green-or-go-home-st-patrick-s-day-in-the-nutmeg-state-1550522420

Connecticut residents can bask in St. Patrick’s Day glory by Parade hopping in the state! Below is a list of Parades and celebrations throughout the Nutmeg State beginning with the Stamford St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 2.

Don your green and enjoy these outdoor celebrations that pay tribute to the Irish heritage. We have provided a link where you can get additional information about each event and recommend you visit the Parade website for important details.


Stamford St. Patrick’s Day Parade will step off at 12:00 noon on Saturday, March 2 and feature Grand Marshal Polly O’Brien Morrow.


The 6th annual Norwich St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival will take place on Sunday, March 3, at 1 p.m.After the parade, a street festival, complete with live music by a folk rock band, will take place.

Greater Hartford

Greater Hartford St. Patrick's Day Parade is planned for Saturday, March 9 beginning at 11 a.m.  The parade begins at Capitol Avenue by the State Capitol, takes a left on Main Street, a left on Asylum, a left on Ford Street, and then ends by the Memorial Arch. If you can not make it downtown, the parade will be broadcast live on FOX CT WTIC-TV beginning at 11:30 a.m.


Essex Go Bragh Parade & Festival is planned for Saturday, March 9. The Parade will step of from the Essex Town Hall at 10:30am, led by 2019 Grand Marshals John & Judy Heister.


Milford's St. Patrick' Day Parade will take place on Saturday, March 9 at 1 p.m.

Greater New Haven

The Greater New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade will steps off at 1:30 am on Sunday, March 10.

Greater Bridgeport

Greater Bridgeport St. Patrick's Day Parade will take place at noon on Friday March 15. Peter Carroll is the 2019 Grand Marshal.  The marchers will travel through downtown Bridgeport, beginning at Harbor Yard, continuing up Broad Street to Fairfield Avenue and return to Harbor Yard via Main Street.

New London St. Patrick's Day Parade will step off at 1:00 pm on Sunday, March 17.


On March 24, the Greenwich St. Patrick’s Day Parade begins at 2 p.m. from Greenwich Town Hall.


Meriden’s St. Patrick's Day Parade is planned for Saturday, March 24 at 2:00 pm. The Parade begins on East Main St./Parker Ave. intersection and concludes at the West Main St./Bradley Ave. intersection.


The Mystic Irish Parade will take place on Saturday, March 24 at 1:00 pm. Mystic Fire Chief Frank (Fritz) Hilbert will be the Grand Marshal for the 2019 Mystic Irish Parade. Hilbert has served as a firefighter for 48 years and as Mystic Fire Chief for 30 years.

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We Salute Entrepreneurs in Westport During National Entrepreneurship Week! https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45788-we-salute-entrepreneurs-in-westport-during-national-entrepreneurship-week-155051770745788-we-salute-entrepreneurs-in-westport-during-national-entrepreneurship-week-1550517707 https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45788-we-salute-entrepreneurs-in-westport-during-national-entrepreneurship-week-155051770745788-we-salute-entrepreneurs-in-westport-during-national-entrepreneurship-week-1550517707

Empowering the nation’s entrepreneurial ecosystem - February 17-23, 2019

National Entrepreneurship Week is a congressionally-chartered initiative founded in 2006. From February 17 through February 23, from large corporations to small businesses, we celebrate innovation!

Westport entrepreneurs are invited to get inspired and empowered during National Entrepreneurship Week by engaging in Webinars, all devoted to small business owners. Click here for a list of National Entrepreneurship Week events and activities.

If you are a startup company in Westport, or have a business idea you’d like to pitch to an established industry professional, look no further than SCORE!  This nonprofit organization is dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. And, because SCORE is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and thanks to their network of 10,000 volunteers, SCORE is able to deliver our services at no charge or at very low cost.

SCORE has over 320 offices across the nation and 42 right here in Connecticut to help you in your Westport entrepreneurs.  Here is a list of SCORE offices and associated phone numbers closest to Westport:

Place Address Phone
Main Office 155 Deer Hill Avenue, c/o Danbury City Hall (203) 794-1404
Ridgefield Library 472 Main Street (203) 794-1404
Main Office 111 East Avenue, Suite 317 (203) 831-0065
Danbury Innovation Center 158 Main Street, --- In the Innovation Center. --- Entrance on Bank Street, south side of building 203-794-1404
Newtown Municipal Center 3 Primrose Street, ---In the Newtown Municipal Center ---Fairfield HIlls Campus 203-794-1404
Western Connecticut State University - The ERIC Innovation Center 43 Lake Avenue Extension, - ERIC is across the street from the stands of the football stadium. 203-794-1404
Fairfield Library 1080 Old Post Road 203-831-0065
Greenwich Library 101 West Putnam Ave. 203-831-0065
HCC Branch Office 900 LAFAYETTE BLVD STE 337 203-831-0065
Shelton Office - Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce 10 Progress Drive, 2nd floor 203-831-0065
Milford Chamber of Commerce - First Tuesday of Month 5 Broad Street

Click here for a full list of all SCORE offices.

In addition to meeting in person, SCORE offers easy face-to-face video technologies like Google Hangouts, Skype or FaceTime to connect directly with an experienced SCORE mentor no matter where you're located. Click here to learn more.

Here at HamletHub, we salute entrepreneurs during National Entrepreneurship Week and thank the many SCORE mentors for building and sustaining our entrepreneurship ecosystem.


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Liberty To Set Down: Migrants and Immigrants in Westport Connecticut https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45778-liberty-to-set-down-migrants-and-immigrants-in-westport-connecticut45778-liberty-to-set-down-migrants-and-immigrants-in-westport-connecticut https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/places/45778-liberty-to-set-down-migrants-and-immigrants-in-westport-connecticut45778-liberty-to-set-down-migrants-and-immigrants-in-westport-connecticut

Westport Historical Society’s (WHS) new exhibit “Liberty To Set Down: Migrants and Immigrants in Westport Connecticut” is produced in collaboration with The Westport Library. The exhibit explores the contributions of those who settled in Westport from its earliest days to the present. The exhibit title comes from the original land grant given to the Bankside Farmers in the 17th century in what is today Greens Farms. 

From its earliest settlement in 1648 in the parish of Greens Farms, the area that was to become Westport has been a crossroads of cultural expression. Westport Historical Society and The Westport Library explore how immigrants have long woven the fabric of the town in its exhibit Liberty To Set Down:  Migrants and Immigrants in Westport Connecticut.  Westport’s immigration story began with the first Europeans who wrested the land from Native People to the forced immigration of enslaved Africans to the later waves of Irish, German, Italian and Polish immigrants of the 19th century to a wide and varied immigration story of the 20th and 21st centuries.  Exhibit continues through July 31st, 2019.

WHS new hours: Tuesday through Friday, 11 am to 6 pm; Saturday 10 am to 5 pm; closed Sunday and Monday.

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Westport's Ale to the Chief! Toast President Washington on his 287th Birthday https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45779-ale-to-the-chief45779-ale-to-the-chief https://news.hamlethub.com/westport/life/45779-ale-to-the-chief45779-ale-to-the-chief

Toast President Washington on his 287th birthday on Friday, Feb. 22, from 6 to 8 pm, with his favorite libation and nibbles! Join WHS as we serve ale made from Washington’s own recipe as well as Madeira–his drink of choice. Food of the kind the first president would have enjoyed will be served. WHS Presidential Ale produced courtesy of Full Moon Brewing and Charter Oaks Brewing Company and Madeira wine, courtesy of Black Bear Wine & Spirits. Food prepared from colonial recipes by Westport’s own Four Brothers restaurant.  

There will also be drawings to win a growler of Presidential Ale and a signed copy of Executive Director, Ramin Ganeshram’s new historical novel The General’s Cook, about George Washington’s enslaved celebrity chef, Hercules. 

Tickets:  $50 for members, $60 for non-members. Day of price is $75. 

Reservations are recommended, purchase tickets online or call (203) 222-1424 x5. Tickets are nonrefundable

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