Calling All Westport Dog Owners: June is Dog Licensing Month!

All dogs over the age of six months and living in Westport must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed by the Town Clerk. This enables lost dogs to be traced back to the owner and vaccination to be verified in case of bites. The license is good from July 1 through June 30 and must be renewed during the month of June. Each month after that there is a dollar ($1) a month penalty added on to the original fee.

Dog Licenses Fees

  • $8/year, neutered or spayed
  • $19/year, non-neutered or non-spayed
  • $51/year, 10-dog kennel
  • $102/year, 20-dog kennel
  • $ .50 Replacement Tag

Click here for an Application for a Dog License [PDF] to mail in with your payment. Include updated Rabies Certificate, if applicable.

Learn more on the Town of Westport website here.


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