Sustainable Westport Becomes a Partner of Earthplace

First Selectman Jim Marpe announced today that the non-staff members of the town committee known as “Sustainable Westport Advisory Team” will become volunteers for “Sustainable Westport”, a partner of Earthplace.

Sustainable Westport educates, inspires and empowers Westport residents, businesses, and the Town to adopt sustainable practices consistent with the goal of becoming a Net Zero community by the year 2050.  

Essential to the path of sustainability in Westport is that the related goals and objectives become a part of town departments and municipal operations. Sustainable Westport will continue to work closely with the Town and provide support and encouragement where needed.

Mr. Marpe stated, “I have designated Public Works Director Peter Ratkiewich and Operations Director Sara Harris as “Sustainability Coordinators” for the Town of Westport. They will facilitate reviews with members of Sustainable Westport at Earthplace, discuss ongoing sustainability initiatives, and collaborate on actions. All town department heads (e.g. Police, Conservation, Building, etc.) will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Sustainability Coordinators and Sustainable Westport on issues that span across the pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social.” 

According to Sustainable Westport Chair Peter Boyd, “We became an independent non-profit and established a partnership with Earthplace in order to help broaden and deepen our volunteer and community engagement, and to raise funds independently as needed. Sustainable Westport benefits from the standing and non-profit status of Earthplace, and we both share the vision of a sustainable community that gets to ‘Net-Zero by 2050’; reducing our impacts across energy, water and waste using approaches that are economically viable, of social benefit, and environmentally responsible”.

Earthplace Director Tony McDowell commented, “With the Sustainable Westport partnership, Earthplace gains the energy of the leading local movement for sustainability and its focus on community engagement and mobilization.” Earthplace, established in 1958 and located at 10 Woodside Lane, is a donor-supported, non-profit organization committed to building passion and respect for the natural world and a more sustainable future for our community.

First Selectman Marpe added, “Today, the goals of Sustainable Westport and ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ are more important than ever. The town will continue its relationship with the organization so that programs such as the most recent Zero Food Waste Challenge and composting – led by volunteer Pippa Bell Ader - can be implemented on a municipal level.  I wish Sustainable Westport much success on implementing the plan it has so meticulously crafted. I remain committed to working closely with the organization and its members and encourage more residents to take up the Challenge.”

This past September, the Town licensed to Earthplace the use of the “Sustainable Westport” trademark and logo for the purpose of better facilitating the Town’s pursuit of its ‘Net Zero by 2050’ goals.

For a more on how to get involved and a complete history of Sustainable Westport and its predecessors please visit: www.sustainablewestport.org/about/history/. Effective November 6, 2020, the Sustainable Westport Advisory Team is dissolved as a Town entity. 


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