Westport Business Owner Offers Free Resource to Help Local Businsses Challenged by COVID

*Westport business owner Eddie Woods, a Chief Digital Strategist at Digital RockStar Agency has created a "Digital Strategy Map" to help small businesses who are facing challenges due to the pandemic. It is a free resource that Woods says "will help you to be visible in your community and communicate that you are open for business and doing business safely with new protocols in place." Please read below. 

Earlier this year the world changed for all of us overnight. Everything we took for granted before has been turned upside down, and now the second wave of Covid is upon us.

Like so many other businesses, my company, Digital RockStar Agency has had to adjust to what's going on in the world. My team and I are working completely remotely right now.

Fortunately, we're operating at full capacity, helping our clients to adjust and pivot their businesses by using digital strategies to help them maintain, grow and even thrive during these turbulent times.

One of the big lessons that I've learned throughout dealing with this pandemic and its effect on our society is to Control What You Can Control.

You Can't Control the Presidency or the Congress

You Can't Control the Market Shifts

You Can't Control the Economy

But You CAN Control Your Message and Whether You Are Visible or Invisible in Your Marketplace.


After going through not one but TWO tough financial periods in 2000 and 2008 (yes I am that old), I can tell you that now is not the time for business owners to “wait and see what happens…" 

We have to reduce costs that don't drive revenue, but we have to invest in support and strategies that help us maintain and grow revenue now more than ever....

Very few businesses are going to be able to operate the way they did in the past and survive, let alone thrive.

Your marketing message from last year or 2 years ago is irrelevant & off-tone; your message must pivot to align with the conversations people are already having in their homes and in their heads. Your marketing strategy must shift in order to reach your prospects and customers where they are now.

Business services have changed--The way we do business has changed--

From the welfare of your staff, to the ability of your customers to feel safe and continue to buy your services, this has all changed…

So your marketing message and strategy needs to change too!

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  •          How are you staying visible to consumers in your community and your marketplace?  
  •          How are you communicating with new prospects and your existing customers?   
  •          What’s your plan to move forward and navigate your business through the heavy terrain of this pandemic?  


You've probably heard that we in the U.S. are on the cusp of getting a vaccine for Covid, but reports say it won't be widely available until the spring of 2021. Even then, a lot of folks won't take the vaccine for various reasons. 

The bottom line is, as business owners, we all need to be thinking about how to Future-Proof our businesses now.

What’s your plan to stay in business for the next 3 months, 6 months and beyond?

Think about how you’re going to come out of this when this virus does clear up.

The market won’t go from 0 to 100% on day 1, but let’s say it goes to 50% or 60%, you don't want to be caught flat footed. The market will be huge for businesses whose message has been out there in the marketplace engaging with consumers, and those businesses will be able to 'accelerate out of the bend' when we get back to the "New Normal."   

To help business owners with a plan of action now, I have put together a Strategy Map called the Digital Visibility Protocol Map (DVP Map)

It is a step-by-step easy to follow process that you can use to get your message out to your community- that you are still in business; letting people know that you're operating differently, with new covid protocols in place and how you can service your customers safely, even during the pandemic. You can also use this map as a reopening guide in case of another shut down.

To get your DVP Map just click the link here: FREE DVP MAP

There is NO COST to you, this is my way of providing value to business owners in our community.

This Free DVP Map lays out detailed strategies that will help you to be visible in your community and communicate that You Are Open For Business and doing business safely with new protocols in place.

I hope that you like the DVP Map and find it useful, but most of all I hope that you implement the strategies that are in it, because I know that they can help your business during this challenging time that we're all living through.


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