Real Art Real Artists Presents “The Healing Power of Art” Virtual Exhibit

If we have learned anything about COVID this past year, it’s been that we need to take time to care for ourselves and our loved ones. This past year of COVID has presented us all with varying challenges. Some of us are faced with needing to heal from health, financial, or mental health issues. Art helps bring about healing because it forges a connection between the mind and the body. “The Healing Power of Art” virtual exhibit explores how art helps us to heal.

Click on this short video for information on how to navigate through the virtual exhibit. The actual interactive exhibit where consumers can view art at their own pace is available at https://realartrealartists.com/virtualartshow/. The exhibit is highlighting art by 18 different artists, mostly artists from Fairfield County offering art at various price points. Art can be purchased directly through the website.

RaRa is an online directory of art and artists where original art is searchable by location, theme, style, price, and medium.


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