RVNAhealth Today – Surviving the Not-So-Hallmark Holiday

While some of us hope for the kind of holiday perfection we see in TV movies, sometimes it will fall short. It can be hard to make holiday magic when complicated family dynamics, or the stresses of the past year have taken its toll on everyone! Thankfully, RVNAhealth’s Jill Hart, LPN, Community Health Nurse is here to share tips she provided during a recent presentation on enjoying your holidays without letting the humbugs ruin your plans!

First, says Hart, let’s understand why the holidays can spell a recipe for disaster. From high expectations to trying to preserve memories, to the mixing of family members that don’t get together often – all that combined with endless lists, disrupted eating and sleeping routines, expenses and travel woes – the holidays can take a toll!

While the holidays can be overwhelming, Hart offers the following suggestions to make your seasons as bright as possible: 1) Don’t use the holidays to repair old wounds or relationships. Keep conversations at gatherings simple and light and keep expectations for change at a minimum to avoid disappointment. 2) Mix up the norm and introduce new traditions for fun. Ask family to wear something fun or silly. Introduce new games such as charades or karaoke to create entertainment. 3) Establish your boundaries and have a plan. Know your emotional triggers and make a commitment to avoid those situations. Walks outside or calling a friend can help you recover from a difficult situation and remain calm.

Finally, look for joyful moments. Toss out notions of perfection and try to create moments that are special to you. A simple practice of gratitude, by looking around the room and considering one thing you are grateful for in each person, can go a long way to bringing joy and appreciation.

RVNAhealth wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season and happy healthy new year!