The Right Side of the Hamburger at Westport Library

Westport, CT – Most people entering and enjoying the heralded space at the Westport Library known as the Trefz Forum don’t know the man for whom the Forum is named - Christian J. Trefz.

Well, that is about to change. In addition to the name, the public will also know the man - Christian J. Trefz - when his memoir, “The Right Side of the Hamburger,” is released at a book launch event in – YES! – the Trefz Forum on Saturday, July 9.

In association with The Legacy Project USA, a Westport-based company specializing in documenting and writing life stories for people who want to preserve and tell their history, Trefz spent over a year collaborating and working on writing his memoir. As he says, “There’s a lot to do in life and if we are happy with our accomplishments, we should put it in writing. They’re going to know who I am!”

“The Right Side of the Hamburger” will indeed tell the story of who Christian J. Trefz is and how he and his brother became so successful. The son of German immigrants, Chris and his brother Ernie grew up in the New Haven area of Connecticut learning life’s best and most reliable lessons of family closeness, hard work, and determination.

Chris and Ernie purchased their first McDonald’s franchise in 1964. That was the beginning of an empire that grew to over 50 McDonald’s restaurants throughout Connecticut and New York. There is probably a large possibility that everyone in the State of Connecticut has eaten at one of the Trefz McDonald’s restaurants.

With the telling of his story, Chris Trefz shares his life journey, reveals how his success can be duplicated and how that success has allowed him to support so many worthy institutions. He also writes about the beginning years of the McDonald’s expansion and how he and his brother Ernie became part of the McDonald’s family when Ray Kroc was just beginning to build his business. It is a story that could only happen in America. 

 “The Right Side of the Hamburger” is available for purchase at the Westport Library and on Amazon.

For more information on The Legacy Project USA, visit or call 203-222-1441.